Day twenty two
Oh dear!
Last night Flaming Nora was experiencing technical difficulties.
This morning things that were not working last night appear to be working.
Last night was a crafty evening.

Sounds good? It is.
The essential ingredients to a crafty evening are good friends, cava, crisps and at this time of year, chocolate based seasonal Germanic goods. Oh and craft.

All that and on a school night too. This may go some way to explaining the technical difficulties That were occouring, but I refuse to admit it has anything to do with the operator and every thing to do with a naughty IPad. 

I was making some tiny tiny crochet.
Love Nora. Xxx


  1. I love to see your evening life - and here is a fellow in misery with iPad - every now and then an occuring problem.... but solving in the same mysteric way quite by itself ....or by the right click, ha!

  2. Who needs an Ipad when there are friends, choc, cava and crisps!? Sounds perfect! M x

  3. No sausage rolls?!?
    Looks like a fab evening chuck x

  4. Yep, sounds perfect except for the iPad. They can be difficult. Xx

  5. Hi Nora :o)
    Your blog is beautiful ..... thank you for visiting mine.
    That looks like one happy evening and your tiny crochet is stunning!
    love Jooles x x x


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