So as promised  I am back today to spill the beans on a most wonderful day.
It started on Friday afternoon when I jumped in the car and battled Friday traffic and torrential rain for a very long time to drive a very long way. 
I stayed in a cheapo hotel nearby, which in its self was a treat, a night of solitude having to do nothing and not worry about homework, dinner, the washing up, bed time.
I would love to say Saturday dawned bright and clear.
But its late november and the weather was typical.
But the drive down the road a couple of miles back into Derbyshire was stunning.
My destination, Hope and Elvis, set in the beautiful grounds of Welbeck Abbey Estate.
The reason for this epic journey?
Letitia was teaching us how to make collages using image transfer methods.

So much fun, so busy, so worth all the effort.
We spent the day creating in a really inspiring space.

Louise who runs Hope and Elvis has curated a truly amazing space to work in, exactly the right levels of organised chaos and delicious food, oh and cake, lots of cake mainly due to Mrs Bertimus's mother who apparently has to be restrained from baking for these events or there wouldn't be an un-cake fill surface in the place!
Every one had so much fun and we all produced loads of work.
These are my three

A new medium for me working on a wooden base and using paints.

They aren't perfect, but all the new techniques I learnt were so interesting and made so much sense I am just itching to try them all out again as soon as possible.

I went back to my comfort zone for the last piece .
I call it "Put the doll down and go tidy your room"
It was very interesting to hear Letitia explain to us the processes she goes through to create her stitched pieces.  I have long admired her work and in fact now Mr Fox here is going to be coming to live with us here at the seaside.

So here are some pictures of all of our work lined up on the table at the end of the day.

I hope you have all had as exciting a weekend as I have had, but possibly not as exhausting!
Love Nora xxx


  1. I wish there were workshops like that around here...
    Cake.. Learning new stuff.. Coming home with Mr. Fox...
    Greetings from an extremely jealous belgian !

  2. To be honest Ingrid, you may have been nearer to where I am than the workshop! x

  3. Hello from Honeysuckle studio. I agree with you, we did have a wonderful day. Mrs Bertimus is so talented and those delicious cake Mrs B's mum baked. Your stitched piece of work is beautiful. X

  4. Your sessions at Hope and Elvis sound like lots of fun. One of my UK friends, Gretal Parker, has also held workshops there, and it really does seem a marvelous place.

    May I also mention how much I like the red-thread stitched lace that you used on that pretty little blue cabinet. It looks grand.


  5. I wish there was a place like this down south...I'd move in. xx

  6. What a great day ... so glad you had fun! M x

  7. It was an honour and a privilege to finally meet you. I can't believe how long your journey was but I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.
    I don't think anyone enjoyed themselves as much as me though! I had such a laugh!
    Thank you again for doing your epic journey, I really appreciate it.
    All my very best wishes to you x

  8. What a lovely post. I am very jealous of both your trip to Hope and Elvis (mine would have to be just as epic a journey) and your meeting of Mrs Bertimus, whose work I also love. It looks like you had an inspirational day and I hope you do get to use some of those new techniques again soon. xx


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