Day 11.
A girl walks in to the room, dumps a pile of boiled wool on the table and says;
"Can we make this look like the Lancashire moors?"
He didn't blink an eye, "Of course" he said.

Ralph, our technician is a wonder and a wizz when it comes to dying fabrics.
I can sort of just about do it, but not really, not very well.
So it was great to be given a master class on how he creates textures and shades.

And its a joy to watch someone being so inventive and enjoying what they do.

I am really very lucky to have all these resources at my fingertips, though now I know what to do I'm really looking forward to doing some of my own on a smaller scale at home.

So I am off to play with the Lancashire moors, I will report back when the plan has come together.
Love Nora xxx


  1. These fabrics are so lovely, like sky and rocks and mud and grass. I like dyeing fabric. I guess that the scientist in me likes to play about with all the chemicals and the fabric nut just likes all the pretty colours. Have you ever tried dyeing with plants? It is great fun and a bit unpredictable but that is part of the magic. The colours can be surprisingly vivid. Xx

  2. Fabulous Nora - I have some silk pongee waiting to be dyed for my nuno felt scarves. Just need to find that elusive half a day to spend on it. Also have a HUGE bag full of onion skins I've been collecting for about 3 months, waiting to dye some natural wool. Really looking forward to seeing your Lancashire moors. My son-in-law in from Trawden, near Colne and I was up there in the summer slogging my way up Pendle Hill, so I'm familiar with the territory!

  3. What beautiful soft tones.

    I also think that the christening dress photographed in the previous post is exquisite.

    Thank you for sharing this quiet beauty with us. xo

  4. How gloriously moorish (pun very much intended) these are!

  5. This looks very extremely exciting!
    What beautiful colours x


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