Somehow no matter how hard I try I don't seem to be able to post here more than once a week. 
I am surrounded by more half finished and unstarted projects than it is safe for one woman to be involved with.
The paper work has slid into a dramatic festering compost heap of frustration and overdueness.
The list of things to make for the C word is very long and getting longer.
It would appear I have started a big extra curricular project at college which involves me giving up my lunch hours to teach the students how to crochet, how did that happen?
My workroom is in such a mess you can hardly get through the door.

See told you. 
It gets worse, this is my cutting table.

Its going to take all week to clean it up.


That pile of bright orange fabric, that needs to be made up in to a pair of trousers and delivered by sometime last week.
And I am right now half way through this 700+ page book and it needs to be finished by tomorrow evening.
But never mind the John Irving, the Diana Wynne Jones has to be worked up in to a brief for a collaborative project for my students.

Twitch, twitch.
So I have decided to set my self a challenge.
Because really I need the extra pressure, right?
May be I do.
I am going to post every day here for a month.
Every day I have to write about what ever it is I have achieved, the thing that has been crossed off the list, the finished project, the started project. I don't know, just keeping my fingers crossed it isn't going to be a month full of pictures of the washing up and freshly cleaned toilets.
So to kick it all off.
A big pile of chillies we grew over the summer.

They have been slowly drying out on the kitchen window ledge waiting for me to have a moment to thread them up in to a garland.

Done, with a little help from a tame monster that happened to be lounging around!
Have a good evening every one.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Lol my craft room has looked like yours more frequently that I care to remember! Tho surprisingly it's ok at the moment. Love the chilli garland! That's fab! Good luck with your challenge, a post doesn't have to huge does it. Your chilli photo alone would've been a great post :)

  2. All I see is evidence of creative genius!

  3. Love the chilli garland - ours are too small to thread, so just get put in the freezer but a garland would be lovely. Gorgeous chest of drawers in your work room too. Good luck with the 'to do' list. x

  4. Love your chaos pictures, very brave of you to share them, makes me feel much better about mine!!

  5. Good on you! I am hopelessly hapless. I need to make such a vow, but it will have to wait. I am trying. And my studio is in about the same state! You are fantastic!

  6. All I can say is good luck! I am failing miserably with my blog ... M x

  7. Howl's Moving Castle - one of our all time favourite family films. I'm intrigued to see what your students will be asked to do with this. Good luck with the daily blogging.

  8. Gosh I recognise that cutting table ...! What does the floor around it look like?!


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