Standing in the classroom this afternoon I wondered what I was going to be posting about today.
Pictures of students drafting patterns or me having a huge rant about a missing bolt of silk chiffon were going to be interesting to no one.
I was gazing wistfully at drifts of leaves outside and wondering if I could photograph them on my way out to the carpark, the students were all starting to wind down, their tasks for the day nearing completion, when Ralph our tecnician strides up and announces he is going to do some experimentation with puffer dye and did anyone want to join in?
 First up faded roses, made by dabbing the paint on to scrunched up fabric.
Before application of heat gun

After application of heat gun and the gaining of two blisters on my wrist. (Best not to ask, just accept I am a klutz)


This effect was achieved by applying the paint to a scrap of lace then pressing the lace down onto calico. 
So subtle.


Really excited about learing new processes alongside the students, the ways they can apply this to their costumes are limitless.
So two things I learnt today are:
 1 you can teach old dogs new tricks 
 2 I shouldn't worry there will always be something interesting to write about just don't go looking too hard for it!
Thank you my lovely readers for all your encouraging comments on this foolhardy project of mine.
It would appear the spectacles really have piqued your interest.
I haven't much to tell you on that front now, but a hint is that I am working on my distant vision.
Love Nora xxx


  1. This is lovely - and a completely new idea to me. I love the effect of the lace on calico at the end of your post. You have some very lucky students!

  2. That effect with the lace is really sweet and delicate.
    Har-de-har re the specs. Still intrigued!

  3. I love the roses, that is so cool!

  4. And here am I, hoping the spectacles-project would be revealed ;-)...
    Working on your distant vision... Hmmm... Difficult riddle... One more hint ? Please ?

  5. Love the new technique!
    The are keeping us in suspenders! X


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