So here I am late for the party, again.
I so very nearly didn't post this month.
But then I thought this project is supposed to be all about the learning process.
Lets be brave
Lets show the epic fails as well as the shiny happy glossy success stories.

What have you learnt from this project Nora?
I feel like I am talking to my students and critiquing their work.
Have I learnt nothing in my 45 years?

No obviously not.
I left no time.
No time for planning.
No time for making.
Once the idea came I rushed it during the only day we spent at home during half term. A day when both boys were wrung out from 3 days of catching up with friends and having too much fun up in that there London. Lets not dwell too long about the state their Mother came home in.
It was a good idea, one I still haven't quite let go of. One I suspect I may have ruined for my self for ever.
The colours were totally wrong. Too bright. I wanted it to look washed out and well loved. 

The writing is messy, not straight and most importantly I missed out an essential word. Bed.

The patterns are too busy, the writing gets lost in them.

Using the lyrics from a song you love in your work.
Using the lyrics from a song you love in your work and stuffing it up completely.
Sorry John Martyn.
I hope I haven't sullied the memory of this great man for anyone other than my self.
Though I have just listened to "May you Never" whilst finding the above link and it still brings a tear to my eye, so may be all is not lost.
Oh well win some loose some.
Must try harder next month.
Though I have been working on something else, all will be revealed on Sunday.
So drop on by then for the big reveal.
In the mean time drop by Lola's place to catch up on what every one else has been up to.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Oh my! I hope the idea isn't lost to you forever. I see what you you were going for and I am thinking you quite brave for showing it even though you thought it a fail. Maybe I should have shown my original attempt involving a stuffed trout, now that was a fail! Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for Sunday!

  2. I have been putting my pages together on the day it's due for the last two months! It takes me all month to think of what to do! Personally, I love your project, but I'm partial to bright colors, and deeply envious of those that can write with their sewing machines. Want to see an epic fail with that technique, come over to my house!

  3. Epic fail? I'm not seeing that. To be able to create anything with 3 boys in the house over a half term, that has involved travel to the big city, is a major achievement. As my drawing teacher says, learn and move on, don't brood and look in.

  4. I don't think this is a fail and I like the colours together. Never mind, upwards and onwards. x

  5. Sew on a label with the word BED embroidered on it...

    ...and don't worry about the text getting lost - it's good to search and find a surprise.


  6. I like the writing, it has character :) I do mine this way too!

  7. Well, all I can say is...if that's a fail I'm never showing you my epic catastrophes!
    I do love your stitched writing by the way x

  8. May You Never is one of my favorite songs! Love Michael Johnson!

  9. Love it!! That you did it at all is a huge success!!!

  10. Hi Nora, I've come to your blog via Nana Cathy and as another teacher, I'm here to reframe your fails into learned!
    Learned . . . honour my skills with time
    Learned . . . audition my fabrics first.
    Learned . . . write out the text the same size and have it in front of me
    Learned . . . arrange some embroidery thread on top of the fabric to see if they work together.
    Now, think about how you could have corrected some of your mishaps (embroidered the text on a plain fabric and sewn it on?), and find three things you're pleased with then plan then make another . . . now!
    Yes, I can be bossy but I'm always encouraging :)


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