Day 8
Today I have been feeling sorry for my self.
A slight niggle in my lower back that popped up to say hello mid morning has developed in to something more, which means I am now walking about like a 90 yr. old woman.
But I was In Bexhill On Sea and to be honest it would have just been downright rude to not visit all the lovely charity shops. 
I had to take it slowly at shuffling pace, but I was not disappointed.

Lots of lovely old balls of crochet cotton.

Some wooden cotton reels to add to the collection. I've never come across Knox Dragon thread before.

Bits and bobs of old haberdashery with fantastic old packaging.

And finally some jumpers, both of which need a make over and a matching jug.
But shhh, lets not mention the new jug too loudly.
The Hippy hasn't noticed it yet, I just snuck it on to the shelf nestled amongst all the other jugs.
May be he will never notice, fingers crossed!
Going shopping is an achievement right? I'm not quite off the rails with this project yet am I?
Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to sit at the sewing machine and get on with some stitchy projects I have in mind.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Shopping cures all ails. Except possibly sore feet.
    Nice jug, that was a find!

  2. Love that jug. Managed to resist a lovely specimen myself today - just - but there's always tomorrow. What is it about jugs ...?

    1. Sometimes I think I am genetically programmed to not be able to walk past a jug in a junk shop!

  3. You've made me smile as I read this post and thought of all my wooden spools (reels over your way) of cotton thread in an array of colors reflecting all the clothes I made for myself during the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and even 90's. Though I think that polyester wrapping of cotton thread and non-wooden spools might have entered my sewing box by then.

    Do let me know if you'd like me to share my vintage collection with you. I'm too lazy right now to check the brand names on those spools, but do know that there must be some coats and clarks amongst them.

    I think this is a grand example of the power of the internet and blogging. Only connect, etc. xo

  4. What great finds. My mother's family are from Ayrshire. There is still be a Knox company in Kilbirnie, who now make netting and ropes, it might be the same company?? Hope your back is better soon.

  5. Ahhh... old labels... have just bought some box frames to do something 'arty' with mine. I wonder if there was a special haberdashery typographer?
    Ahhh... old jumpers... I can't see any jugs. xx

  6. I hope your back is better??? I am still trying to figure out how my embroidery reminds you of a couple of relatives up north.....hmmm....maybe they are walking round in darned and embroidered hankies?

  7. Hope your back is better soon. Love the idea of Dragon cotton...


    1. Me too I feel as though it should be able to do Kung Fu when no one is looking!

  8. (Whispering) Love the jug its great!
    Julie xxx

  9. Get well soon chuck.
    Love the treasures.....and that jug! Wow! X


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