Over the last few weeks my crochet hook and I have been busy.
Using up all those bits of yarn that hang about, not enough for a new project but too much to throw away.

As the pile of poppies grew I was thinking about what it meant, what it all stood for.
This was my way of marking Remembrance day.
I have mixed feelings about it these days.

 I am uncomfortable with the way it seems to be another format for those in power to justify war and the deaths that accompany it. 
I am also deeply unsettled by the romanticisation of the great war that has gone on this year. 
However I always wear a poppy and I always observe the silence on both the Sunday and on 11.11. 
I do this for those that had little or no choice in laying down their lives to protect the way of life we now live. It seems amazing to think I was born less than 25 years after the end of WW2. My Grandparents and Great Aunts and Uncles all suffered losses in it as well as in WW1 when they were children. They had a huge influence on my life and the way I live it.

 For them I will always wear a Red Poppy.

 For my own thoughts on the nature of death caused by war I am wearing a White poppy.

 I have many friends who have very strong feelings about animals in war and for them I have included some purple poppies.
You are welcome to disagree with they way I think about this, we are all free to form our own thoughts on this subject. 
But for me crocheting away over the last few weeks contemplating this subject has helped make my thoughts clearer.

So early this morning I went out on to a damp and windy sea front and installed the results of the last couple of weeks labour.

The notes invited people to take one if they wanted, which ever colour red, white or purple was their preference. When I drove past later this afternoon many had already gone, which made me very happy.
Love Nora xxx


  1. You are amazing!

  2. That's such a wondrous thing to do. I don't wear a poppy; I used to wear white peace poppies, back in the 80's, when I was involved in the peace movement; but then it seemed to be difficult to get hold of them. My old peace poppies I use to decorate my xmas tree! This year I've seen more peace poppies than ever before on people. I do love your idea of giving them away for people to take whatever they want.....and it looks like other people love your gift too! May peace be with you. XX

  3. This is such a lovely idea. I am sure that people will really treasure their poppies. War is such a sad and pointless thing but it is nice to be able to commemorate the people and animals that died and look towards a better future. xx

  4. A very kind and thoughtful gesture....we should all take a moment to pay respect for the courage and bravery that those protecting our country have displayed and continue to display x

  5. They looked wonderful on the beach.

  6. What a beautiful idea! I often think of the many civilian losses in your country during the war, very sad.

  7. I very much like the way in which you've expressed yourself in words and via your creativity.


  8. A lovely thought to leave a note to say people could take them if they wish.

  9. What a beautiful thing to do.
    I hadn't heard of the purple poppies before, what a thought provoking and beautifully written post.
    Thank you x

  10. You are so special to do this, and I love that you stand and face the wind of all this romanticism !
    I always keep silent at these special times, it is all we can do for those already gone..never forget!
    d x

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  12. My thoughts exactly...even more so as we draw to the end of the 100 year commemoration. Thank you for your thoughts and photos


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