I appear to have fallen off the perch of my blogging every day for a month challenge, did you miss me? Did you even notice?
So what happened to the last couple of days.
Here is a quick summary, day 12 exhaustion, day 13 entertaining old friends and drinking too much.
It was quite a pleasant break, who knew that blogging every day would be so draining.
Any way back to the point.
Day 14
Lola Nova's Stitched Journal Project.
Recording a year in stitched pages.

This month I have been experimenting with paper, fabric, stitch and wax.


Playing about with one of my favourite things, maps.
The wax is a new thing for me, trying to create different textures and finishes.


It was fun, I haven't done anything with wax since some very basic batik at college.
If you liked this why don't you pop over to Lola's lovely blog and see what every one else has been up to this month.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. I missed you, but didn't want to nag! Love seeing all your stitchy projects

  2. Like the idea of texture. It is like those maps with all the different colours for different sea levels. I always though that they were really cool. Love this/ xx

  3. Love it but I'm not sure what you're doing with the wax!!

  4. That is such a clever idea. I love the stitching along the A roads; it would make a nice memento of a holiday, so you could show where you had traveled. Have a lovely week. x

  5. A lovely piece, I love maps!

  6. I did notice, but who could blame you?
    Maps are a great pleasure for me days of yore, at least three incarnations ago, I taught geography to hapless A Level students in Keynsham (now that's a name to bring back memories - if you're of a certain age ...)

  7. Yay maps! Ooh and wax, now that sounds like a lot of messy fun!

  8. I love this ... and it has given me an idea for a birthday present for a friend ... Thx


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