For Christmas last year I bought the Hippy a cider press.

We have a fantastic apple tree in our garden that last year was laden with fruit. The apples are a little tart so the boys won't eat them.

Perfect lets turn it all in to cider I thought.
This year we have one wizened apple on it.
Thankfully friends came to our rescue and donated two trees worth to the cause.

We have a lovely friend, The Mad Old Cat Lady, who is having a bad old time of it at the moment.
We are all looking forward to having her home again and in one piece soon.
She doesn't like cider.
But she does love cidre.
So in her honour we all dressed up en Francais.

Some of us seemed to enjoy it a little too much.

And some of us found a raspberry beret.

But it should all bring a smile to our lovely friends face and remind her that we are thinking of her.
And the bonus is that in a month or so we will all be gathering again to drink the fruits of our labour that time with Caroline in our midst.
Love Nora xxx


  1. We made perry at the weekend! and we have the same press as you!

  2. What a laugh. Love all those berets.

  3. I love that post - it is great and I would like to know how do you prepare tha apples - ours are plenty but so hard they could not be pressed or?

  4. OOOOO and AAAH and oooh lala and so typical that this year your tree rebels!
    As for that raspberry beret well fit for a prince I say!!
    such jolly happy pictures
    bestest daisy j x

  5. What an excellent idea for a Christmas present; C'est magnifique! Love the photos; you look as if you had a fantastic time. x

  6. You say cidre, I say oui! Your cider press has me green with envy. I don't have tree at the moment. Used to make lovely cider from windfalls. You made it with a sluce of toast floating on the top covered in brewers yeast. When itstopped bubbling you just turned it over. Worked a treat. Hope your friend is better soon. Here's to crazy cat ladies! xx

  7. Oooo, methinks that should become an annual event... Chrissie x

  8. Cider, cidre, I am pretty sure that your friend Caroline is already smiling at this post.

    Best wishes to you and yours. xo

  9. Great fun. I hope the cider/cidre is drinkable!



  10. Ooooohhh la la!! What a great press! We do a cider press every year but it's never been as much fun as your cidre press!

  11. What a lovely post, full of laughter and frolics! X

  12. Just catching up on your last few posts, lovely, really enjoyed them but this one my favourite :-)


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