Todays post is a bit of a Hello, Thank You, Sorry.
It's a bit of an ambling story.
Its a bit of an information download.
First I must say a heart felt Thank You.
Thank you for sticking with me over my sketchy posting of late, thank you for all the wonderful comments you have all been leaving and thank you for all the encouragement you constantly give.
And now for a quick information download pop over to the Stitches blog to see a second article I have written on creating surfaces to embroider onto. This time its about distressing fabrics.

Right enough of this waffle Nora, get on with the amble.
Yesterday morning I took a wander on the beach.
The sea was becalmed and a slight sea mist muffled much of the sound.
Climbing on the groins was called for. 

Then a  refreshing paddle in the icy spicy sea.

Along the seafront to check out the beloved pier.

And the local youth having fun

Later after all jobs had been done I took the Ginger Son and his Ginger friend back to the beach where I was presented with a dragon egg.

They were off to get wet and muddy in the rock pools and I sat in the sun with a bit of light crochet.

Happy Days.
Sorry for not leaving comments on very many blogs of late. Having recently bought an ipad it apparently doesn't like me leaving comments. Every time one is written it just disappears. Very frustrating. But rest assured reading is continuing and when I am on this old and dilapidated computer of mine comments are made. I know how much your comments mean to me so it's a little upsetting to not be able to make them. If anyone has any advice....
Love Nora xxx


  1. Nora, I've had a fine time reading your recent posts, and always love seeing a wide range of topics. The experiments with the vintage dye looked like fun...not knowing what might result from the next dip in the color pond adds a certain something to the entire process. Please do another post when you eventually make use of these skeins to let us see what happens next.

    Love the photographs of the seaside and the beautiful colors of those shore side stones. Really lovely.

    Here's a bit of a confession. I see the picture and like the image, but don't actually know what a dragon's egg is. Please do let me know?

    Strange about the ipad not wanting to be a good communication agent. Perhaps there will come a time when it will be more in the mood?

    Before I forget, let me also tell you I liked seeing the boro-talented musician.

    Meanwhile, best wishes. It's fun to visit here.

  2. Gorgeous photos! Love your creative embroidery piece - just fabulous. I love the look of that pier too :)
    I have that problem with leaving comments too - particularly when I go through Bloglovin.
    Hope the rest of your week is as lovely as the weekend :) Kx

  3. Lovely photos - is that Grand Pier Brighton........?
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

    1. No Julie, its Hastings Pier. It burt down a few years back but is now being rebuilt.

  4. Same problems here with Ipad on Blogger... Sigh... It does work, as long as I type the comment and hit publish directly after typing... But correcting a typing error, nope. Pfff.
    Plus when I'm abroad, I only have my ipad with me, so it is annoying, to say the least...

  5. the top image is to die for, so may gorgeous pieces....and my metallic thread bullion knots aren't metallic thread bullion knots...they're silver purl....I do not have that kind of patience :)

  6. I love to distress fabric. Thank you for sharing about your article. I am off for a read. I find that my ipad is hopeless for doing pretty much everything on. i bought it for doing my blog on the hoof and it just wont play ball. I can post things but have to hit the next button a lot , then it will come up with the "post as" drop down and I have to keep hitting my log in name to continue. Can't change text or spelling without this too. Very frustrating. Lovely photos. Xx

  7. Distressing fabric brings back memories of Levi's in the 70's before stone washed was invented. I've seen a mermaid's purse but never a Dragon's egg!
    Love the squirrel.xx

  8. Don't know if this helps but if you make an error when making a comment just press preview and then write the correction. I'm not sure why you can't comment using your iPad though chuck x
    Love the dragons egg, I have never seen one before x

  9. I have so enjoyed your guest blogs on &Stitches, they are totally inspiring! Love your magical beach trip here...Chrissie x


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