It was with a gasp I read during the week that today was to be the last car boot sale of the season at our local big car boot. It made me realise I haven't been to a single car boot sale this year!
Something that I'm not sure has ever happened before. 
How time flies.
I was not disappointed.

Tea, Coffee and Sugar caddies, old plate and distressed old pudding bowl.

Deliciously rusted old tins.

Inside of the old Dutch cigarette tin.



Old table cloth and a handful of doilies.

Huge cops of slightly grubby buttonhole thread, if you take the lot (12) you can have them for £4.
Now I do use a lot of this stuff in the day job, but not that much. But how could I resist? I shall find a use for them, the cogs are already whirring.

I was joined and assisted on this adventure by not one, not the usual two, but three little Herberts. Yes, I picked up a stray en route. They all came home with bags of old tut and pockets much the lighter. But by the time the mystery of the disappearing camera was solved (it was found exactly where I had left it) the treasure had all dissipated. Stored away in those places little boys store away their treasure.
We did however find a very old edition of one of the Ginger Ones favourite books.

I loved this illustration and the story attached.
I do hope your weekends have all been as treasure filled as mine has been.
Much Love Nora xxx


  1. I found buttonhole thread makes great thread for beads.
    You did well at the boot fair, we never have treasures like that at ours
    Julie xxxxxx

  2. Can I borrow your three little Herberts... I need that sort of luck! xx

  3. Wow, what treasures. We only get dodgy DVDs and terrible clothes at ours. We used to get lots of Lego and K'nex, but unfortunately, my lads are to old for that now - so they say!

  4. Oh my goodness ... I would die of withdrawal symptoms if I had only been to one car boot sale this year!
    I was up with the lark and off to one yesterday ... came back with a few goodies.
    M x

  5. The illustration in that book is beautiful, if they're all as nice, then it was certainly worth going!

  6. Treasure! You clearly have a better quality of Boot Fair where you live :)

  7. What a grand treasure hunt you all had at that last boot sale of the season.! The tin full of buckles and bobbins is fabulous.

    I smiled at the thought of the young treasure hunters also being able to find their own personal gold.


  8. What treasures! Swoon!
    And what an interesting book, I had never heard of it before but it's brilliant! X

  9. Miss Babushka said she will travel for the price of a small parcel
    so a fiver should cover it or she'll play swapsies if your feeling brave! xx


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