Recently I have been pondering and musing upon perceptions of truth and reality. All a bit deep I know its mainly been sparked by reading "The Goldfinch" by Donna Tartt, a truly epic book I loved so much I have recently finished a second read of it. Which even by my standards is quite extreme, twice in the space of 6 months, and believe you me it's no light read, having the weight and heft of your standard house brick.
I have been wondering about back stories, wondering what is going on behind the image we are presented with. 

Thinking about other spaces with in a picture. Am I looking at the boys, or am I looking at the wave?
Am I looking at what the boys are doing or the excitement their action is causing them? 
Closer study of the image reveals touching little details. They are all in their school uniforms, shorts on a cold stormy day, school caps on their heads, shiny wellington boots, grubby knees, one boy has lost a mitten.
The energy is amazing but what has more, the wave or the boys sprinting away from it?
Who is the adult on the right and who is she sheltering in her arm? 
A younger afraid sibling? Or maybe one who wasn't quite as lucky with the last wave.

In this piece I have created some little portals, or may be portholes, in to a different time.

Looking back through time to catch a tiny glimpse of a perception of reality.
Most moving is that as this photo was taken some time in the 1930s on Hastings seafront these joyous little boys will be in their late 80's or early 90's.
Are they still with us and what did their lives become?
I found the picture on this facebook site.
Joining up with Lola Nova's stitched journal project, please pop over and see what every one else is up to here.
Love Nora xxx


  1. What a great post - fantastic image, lovely thoughts and the portal - a wonderful idea!
    Now I can see what I've been missing all the time I've been away!

  2. I love the portals, what a great idea. How did you transfer the image to fabric please. Love the whole piece.

  3. What a beautiful and thought provoking piece x

  4. Beautiful post; I love your thinking with this wonderful photo.

  5. I don't want you to take this the wrong way, but I might just possibly have a wee crush on you right now. It is amazing!

  6. Oh my, words cannot describe my admiration of this! Chrissie xxx

  7. PS I was similarly struck by The Goldfinch - I read it last Christmas and I'm still mulling over certain stories and characters. Amazing read! Cx

  8. Lovely image and I love the portholes!

  9. What a wonderful insight! Beautifully done!


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