At the end of last year I stumbled across these little packets of Fairy Dye in a local junk shop.

The label said they were from the 1930's, according to the lady in the shop they still work.
During a quite moment during the summer holidays the time came to put this to the test.
The Fairy Dyes days of hanging about on the shelf looking good and gathering dust were over.
Inside the little cardboard boxes lurked cork stoppered test tubes full of dye.
Could anything be more sublime?

There were comprehensive instructions, that to be honest were soon disregarded.

There is a project afoot, a collaboration between myself and the crochet hook.
Of this more shall be said at a later date.
But the project was floundering, it needed a serious injection of colour.
Hanks of yarn were wound off, tied and twisted then soaked in boiling water before being plunged in to a dye pot of Old Rose.

Sadly the Old Rose was a bit too perky for my liking.

So I added a splash or two of Daffodil to the pot which gave a delicious warn red orange.

I had fun variegating the yarns by dipping one end of the hank in to the pot for longer than the other and dribbling the darker dye from a teaspoon over the Old Rose.

Very happy with the results, especially the candy strip one.

Now the children are finally back to school you never know I may actually be back here more than once in an occasional while!
Love Nora xxx


  1. OMG What a find!!! Those packets are so delicious - I don't know how you made yourself open them. Glad you did though ;) Results are gorgeous. Can't wait to see your secret project. Kx

  2. How fabulous - just goes to show that "back in the day" things were made to last!! xxAxx

  3. How lovely, and isn't it great to experiment. Hope your creative activities have freer reign now that the holidays are over.

  4. Wow, everything about these dyes is fantastic. i love the packaging and dyeing is such fun. Your yarns look lovely. Xx

  5. They said all - the ladies before me - and I still add that your text made me grin over my breakfastcoffee - the collaboration between you and the crochet hook, ha....... The result of your dyeing is smashing - what do I say - beautiful.

  6. Wow! The dyeing looks great, what are you make?
    Julie xxxxxxx

  7. What an exciting project!
    I think it's wonderful that the dye is finally being used x

  8. Delightful find - and how wonderful that you actually used the dyes too!


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