Due to overwhelming popular demand I bring you the results of the recent experiments with Fairy Dyes.

We have had more than one date and a lot of mixing up and blending of colours has gone on.

In fact since these pictures were taken there have been more shades of yellow created.
The motifs are all for a project that started out being all in white and cream which I was then going to tea dip in to various neutral shades.
However muted tones from the stash started to creep their way in, when they were used up the dying started. Its a project to use up all the odds and sods so I don't want to spend money on it. Hence the adapting and changing what I already have.

It will I think still be predominantly in the whites and creams, but next up I am thinking of trying some dying with blackberries and possibly nettles.
There is still a lot of crochet to be done.
What, oh what are all those motifs for though? I hear you cry.
They are for what my Cousin rather scathingly termed a window cosy. 
It is a rather pleasing name and one that shall stick!
Love Nora xxx


  1. Ooh and Ahh, anxiously awaiting the window cozy, oops cosy as you say over there. xo

  2. Lovely range of colours! Chrissie x

  3. Hmmm, Nora, I am wondering about what a window cosy might be. Tea cosy is a term I know, and now you've got me wondering if the two might be connected somehow. If those lovely colors you've added to your crocheting via the vintage Fairy Dyes might be a part of the project, I already know that the results are going to be brilliant.

    Using whites and creams in yarns always yield some lovely harmonies. Now you've also got me curious about your natural dying projects. Sometimes, living in this fantastic, brilliant, huge NYC does make me yearn for a bit more contact with the great outdoors (not just Central Park) and room for some sort of studio.


  4. I like anything ending in 'cosy'...xx

  5. Beautiful colors Nora! Can't wait to see the window cozy!

  6. What a beautiful palette of colours!
    Looks like you're having a lot of fun! X

  7. Partial as I am to white... these are beautiful colours, and would like to see the blackberry result. x

  8. I like the sound of a window cosy. Love the affects of the of the dying, those motifs are looking beautiful.

  9. It is beautiful already and its not finished?? ...! how amazing can It get ..?
    I am impatiently waiting for the next taaa daaah moment...
    D x

  10. Beautiful colours, clever you :) can't wait to see the finished project :)


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