It's exciting times here in Hastings as the restoration of the beloved pier moves to the next phase.

The demolition of the old burnt out ballroom before the new structure can be built.
This can only be done from the sea and involves a crane on a J.U.B
Or jack up barge, which was towed by tug boat from Rye harbour before lowering its legs to the sea floor and starting work.
Last week after the boys finished school we dashed down to the seafront to have a look.
Even the high levels of excitement emanating not only from our little party but the dozens of other observers on the sea front,could not stop the sea mist from rolling in.

Much of the time the crane wasn't even visible.

The light shining through the mist was beautiful.

Much Love Nora xxx


  1. Your photos are very Turner-esque. How beautiful and ethreal that crane looks, although you can get more real than heavy machinery. Would make a beautiful painting. Nice to hear about the pier being fixed up. xx

  2. Nora, aren't you glad that you and your lads did make that rush to the site where all this visual, and even technical, drama was taking place?

    Your photographs are really so full of atmosphere and could launch many stories about this particular day. Thank you so much for sharing what you all saw with us. I have been to Rye, but never stopped at Hastings. Even so, perhaps my own past travels have given me extra appreciation of this post.



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