I recently had a birthday. 
Not an important birthday but a day to celebrate with family and friends none the less.
And they were all generous and inventive.
A crochet chip buttie

Bacon and eggs brooch

Plants I got lots of plants.

In fact I got lots of beautiful things, too many to put them all here.

But mainly I got this.

A little man pinned and screwed back together after bouncing out the door of the trampoline.
And the ugly? Well that was the sleepless night on the children's ward, something that is best left back at the hospital and never dwelt upon again.
So I am coming to near the end of the reasons I was away for so long. You have had the students and the accident. Next I will be bringing to you the heavy workload!
Also just to say thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on my last post.
Much love Nora xxx


  1. Oh dear, the physicality of boys, it leads to such adventures for them and their parents. Hope the recovery is going well and that the plaster cast isn't too itchy.

  2. Oh Nora your poor boy. And poor you, horrible when your children are hurt. Sleepless night, heavy workload, but lots of love on your birthday. You must be totally exhausted.

    Take care

    Jean x

  3. What wonderful birthday gifts - the crochet food is fabulous! I crocheted my daughter's lunch for April Fool's Day:
    Nice to know there's another yarn food fan out there... So sorry about your little man's accident, poor chap with that big a mum of young children, I'm still shocked by the depth of my emotions for them - the extreme worry, the intense love, it's all too much sometimes, no wonder you're exhausted! Take care, Chrissie x

  4. Poor pickle...hope he's right handed.xx

  5. Oh that poor little boy sending love and hugs to you both..heart wrenching stuff.
    Although he was in pain I bet you were hurting more? nothing worse than seeing our loved ones in pain.
    Then the shock sets in after a few least you have those lovely little treats to make you smile.
    How is he doing today?
    bestest wishes to you and yours
    daisy j xxxxx

  6. Oh dear, the poor soul. I am sure that you took it worse than he did. Being a Mum is hard, we worry about them for everything I think. However, children bounce back very quickly and it will be something to tell all his friends about at school. How awful for you all though. Hope that he is recovering well and that you had a nice birthday despite the circumstances. Your presents are amazing. xxxx

  7. A belated Happy Birthday to you x but most of all here's hoping he's making a good recovery.

  8. Oh my goodness ... poor you and him! I hope he is making a good recovery. I can sympathise with you over the night at hospital ... I have had many of them after little man's asthma attacks ... not a good place to try and sleep!
    VERY belated Happy Birthday!
    M x

  9. Belated Happy Birthday Greetings from across the pond, here in America. Pardon me, but please explain what a "chip buttie" is!!
    May your precious little boy heal quickly and completely, God bless his dear heart! And yours!! xoxoxoxoxox


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