Every so often the Hippy will come home from work with a bit of treasure usually from under the floor boards of a building he is renovating/ tearing apart/ rebuilding. 
Sometimes they are funny, like the rude note a builder left back in 1972, too rude to post here but very funny. Or the  clay pipes we found under the floorboards at our old house. Or the woodbines packet he can home with last week. Or the set of old school lockers he gave me for Mother's Day. Or even the tea urn he found in a skip.
But Friday's find was rather poignant.
30 years ago today.

"In the end nobody will win. Everybody will loose - and loose disastrously."
I was surprised at how strong my feelings about MacGreggor still are.
But sadly it was true.
Did you wear a coal not dole sticker?
I did, to school which was an interest growing up in the Tory heartlands of Guildford in the 1980's.
Not sure it made me many friends, but it sure made my mind up!
Or are you as many people I know these days just too young to know what the hell I'm wittering on about?
All a bit too somber for a Sunday evening?
Here is a picture of the old fag packet to cheer you up.
It's on display in the kitchen, which is more than I can say for the old copy of the Daily Mirror!

Have a lovely week kids.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Yes, I remember those days chuck.
    Times were very hard.
    Love the fag packet by the way x

    1. They were indeed hard. It still brings a tear to my eye when I think about it all for too long. The fag packet on the other hand is nothing but joy!

  2. I love the fact that you've posted a pic of a cigarette packet to cheer us up :) The logo is mighty pretty though.

    Jean x

  3. I had a coal not dole sticker and wore it with pride.

  4. Was it really that long ago? I was at university then and spent several days on demos in Fife in the freezing cold. Did it do any good? Obviously not, but it gave me a life long determination not to just moan about anything I did not agree with, but to get on with taking action to try to change it. I'm trying to pass on that way of thinking to my lads, who have been on several demos with me and their father.

  5. I'm old enough to have been at social work college during the miners' strike and certainly did have a Coal not Dole badge, went on a lot of demos and we regularly invited the miners' wives in to give talks about their situation, with a big whip-round afterwards, plus cake from the keen bakers among us. Emotional times they were indeed. I too have a Woodbines fag packet found under the floorboards at my current abode - found when I had stupidly drilled through a water pipe!!!!! I don't have a useful hippy around the house, so have to make these mistakes in order to effect progress!

  6. I know what you are talking of "findings under the floor" etc. as we are renovating in France. DH is coming out of his holes all the time with strange things of the past.

  7. You grew up in guilford during the 80's I loved guilford then!!!...do you remember when Katharine hamnet's shop opened. I bought a dress i wish i still had it maybe someone will find it under some floorboards one day!!
    d xxx

  8. I too grew up in the 1980's and I remember wearing "coal not dole" badges and collecting food for the miners. Wish I could say that things were much different today but I just think that for many people they are just repackaged. How brilliant finding cool old stuff. I dug up an ashtray in my garden which was complete, unchipped and was made for the Glasgow International Exhibition in 1901. Makes you wonder just how much lurks under the floor boards. :) xxxx

  9. Yep remember. Yep wore the badge/s. Yep; we lost. Whole communities up here in Yorkshire, destroyed. And now they want to frack us!


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