Recently we have had a visitor, they have taken up a temporary residence in the thicket at the top of our garden. We haven't met them and in fact I think they may have gone on to pastures new now. We called her, though she may well be a he, Beverly.
Beverly Nightingale.

She was melodious and beautiful to listen to.
Especially late at night while laying in bed with the windows open.

Though there were a couple of times when at 2.30 in the morning the relentless singing made me think that Beverly may not live to sing another night.
However now she seems to have gone we are really missing our nightly serenades. 
I keep hoping we may here her one last time, but so far no.
We are keeping every thing crossed that she comes back to visit again next year.

So in celebration of Beverly and her all too short visit I have committed her to the pages of the Stitched Journal Project hosted monthly by the lovely Lola Nova.
Go over to her place to see what she and every one else in the project has been up to in June.
In a totally pants way I managed not to make last months deadline, but am hoping to try and play catch up and show you May's effort soon.
Love Nora xxx


  1. That is AMAZING! xxAxx

  2. That is just utterly-super-beautiful !!

  3. It is beautiful my friend! I would love to have a visit from a nightingale. Lovely work!

  4. This is gorgeous! And I love the story that goes with!

  5. I love this style... could you show us how? I'd like to have a bash but wouldn't know where to start. xx

    1. Ethel I will give it a go at some point soon. xx

  6. How lovely - both the work and the tale. Having had a great tit sing his lusty heart out, right next to our bedroom window a couple of years ago, I can sympathise with how the initially delightful can become fairly tiresome when sleep is needed.

  7. Ah, that's lovely and a cute story too :)

  8. This is absolutely beautiful and a lovely tribute to your songbird - I love the mix of fabrics and where you chose to stitch the bird. How do you come up with the design? It is so free and flowing yet has a focus and style...I aspire...Chrissie xxx

  9. I love this. What a beautiful tribute to your little visitor. We gets lots of birds too, although we got more when before there were so many cats round here. Best we have had was a mistle thrush though. Xxxx

  10. So beautiful, both the narrative and the stitching x

  11. Your little visitor captured so beautifully in such an original way. So you!! M x

  12. Lovely and nice story :-). Simona

  13. How wonderful to hear a nightingale in your own garden! I've only once heard one in full voice and that was in Italy when visiting my daughter who was living near Lake Garda at the time ... such a memorable evening ...

  14. What a lovely story, and of course a beautiful piece that you have created. x x


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