After weeks and weeks of very hard work, stress, strain and a few tears my lovely students final exhibition is up and running. 
I thought I would share a selection of their work with you.
This of course is one of the many reasons I haven't been here much recently. 
More on the other reasons to follow soon.
Rachel's Victorian inspired trapeze artist.

Rebecca's 18c courtesan 

Daisy's Great Gatsby suit. Very proud of this girl as she's going on to do a tailoring course in London.

Hannah's Titannia costume.

Titannia's headdress.

Emma's Edwardian underwear.

Nana's 18c inspired hermaphrodite.

Naomi's dress for Cathy from Wuthering Heights, she has specialised in dying and printing. She wanted to try and bring the Yorkshire moors alive in her costume, with stunning results.

Lizzie's wings.

Hannah's two face costume.
My apologies to any student I have left out, the quality of some of my pictures was just too poor. I took them all on the iPad and none are that great. Bit grumpy about that if truth be told. Their work was all fantastic and I wish I could have shown it all to you. Sniff.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Amazing work, no wonder you are proud of them.

  2. Wow - are these costumes going on public display anywhere??

  3. These are totally mindblowing. You have some superbly talented students. I love them all. They have really done you proud. xx

  4. Wow...I don't remember sewing classes being like this... I made a gingham apron! xx

  5. Oh WOW... Congratulations to your students (and of course, their mentor...)
    The outfits in the first two photos... Gosh... Would love to wear them on a special occasion...(obviously on a special occasion, not to go shopping for groceries ;-)))

  6. Wow, what brilliant work - congrats to your students, and to you too Nora!!

  7. These are incredible - no wonder you're so proud. I'm particularly keen on the Great Gatsby outfit. I too made a gingham apron - I was so bad that I managed to accidentally sew it to my skirt and was made to stand at the front of the class as an example of how not to do it! x

  8. Superb, an incredible mix of creative thought and craftmanship in each one. You must inspire them a lot.

  9. How lovely to see the next generation of textile wizards coming through. i simply adore the Wuthering Heights costume, worthy of Merle Oberon.
    Jean x

  10. This is incredible! They are all works of art! Titannia and Cathy are especially amazing, I would follow their future work with glee! Chrissie x

  11. Every costume is wonderful
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. They are amazingly talented and you are obviously a great teacher!


  13. Wow! You must be so proud!
    The work is amazing!

  14. Oh my goodness gracious!!
    stunning and delightful, I must say "cathy" has stolen my heart.
    But awe inspiring work from them all, no wonder you are proud all so well deserved
    bestest d x

  15. Beautiful work, you must feel sad to see them go but so proud to have had an input into their lives. They will remember you, I remember my tutors fondly now.

  16. Sorry me ... again - can't believe how many of your posts I have missed recently!
    These costumes are absolutely stunning and are testament to what an inspiring tutor you must be. You have every right to be very proud.
    The only thing I remember making in my needlework class at school was a wonky stuffed kangaroo!
    M x


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