Recently I did a rush job.
A really rush job, 15 kids costumes for a period film in a week.
I had teams of elves beavering away, well a team of 8 elves all part time and little old moi.
It was a really satisfying job, I loved doing it, the elves loved doing it, the film people loved what we had done. But boy oh boy was it exhausting!
I can't really run on too much about the film or show you the costumes, but I thought it would be fun to share some of the small details.
I sourced most of the buttons and trims from Wayward here in St Leonards On Sea, the beautiful vintage haberdashery store.

Each boy was different. They all had a pair of breeches and a jerkin or jacket, but with 15 variations upon the theme of 17th C urchin.
But now I am down to a mere 3 elves and only a more or less impossible deadline. So life is looking up!
What are you all up to?
Interesting things I hope!
Much Love Nora xxx


  1. WoW! Gorgeous details here Mrs :) What a wonder you are. Thanks for showing these snippets - can't wait to hear which movie (when you're allowed to tell us etc) - I'll watch it with glee :) Kx

  2. How exciting. Make sure you tell us when you can ...
    M x

  3. What a fun project! The small samples you've shared are intriguing...Chrissie x

  4. Tough but so rewarding methinks.
    Jean x

  5. Sounds really exciting. There is nothing like sewing under duress to get the creativity going. I can't wait to see them on film. The details look fabbie. Wish my deadlines were sewing ones but I am feeling your pain. :) xx

  6. Eeeeeek! How exciting!
    Hope you can tell us more soon!

  7. talk about pressure.....and the new deadline? Hmmmm....very nosey here in Lancashire.


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