I recently signed up for the first &stitches swap. The theme was "Place".
I ruminated, I pondered, I scratched my head. Time ticked away. Deadlines approached.
I formulated plans, I disregarded them.
Finally I went back to one of my favourite things, maps. Why hadn't I thought of it first?
After a quick trip to google maps I had a well formulated plan.

A machine embroidered map of the area where my swap partner Amy lives.
X marks the spot.
I created the patchwork background from tiny scraps of fabric that would have been destined for the bin if I hadn't rescued them.
I love the patterns the roads form, they almost look like some ancient hieroglyphs.
In turn Amy sent me a wonderful hand embroidered representation of Illinois where she is from with an emphasis on her home town.

At the top is "Symbol" a much loved public art sculpture created by Alexander Liberman in 1978.
In the middle is Abraham Lioncoln, Amy's favourite president, who got his legal start in Illinois. She told me Illinois is known as the Land of Lincoln.
Finally at the bottom a bunch of violets, the state flower.
I love the understated simplicity of this piece, from the clean lines to the subtle decoration on the hoop. 
I am planning a little corner of my workroom where I can hang all the lovely swaps I have received recently. This thought is making me very happy indeed!
Much Love Nora xxx


  1. Great idea this swap, i simply lurve your idea....(as usual!)
    d x

  2. Two lovely swap gifts, I love how you repurposed the fabric scraps! It gives the piece such interesting depth...this was such a fun swap, I loved taking part! Chrissie x

  3. Love a good bit of stitchery! Yours is fabulous, Jane - it has 'textural warmth', layered with meaning and so lovely and thoughtful of you to make it a subject that has meaning for your swap-ee. Nice work :) Kx

  4. Yes, what a lovely idea to swap pieces of work like this. Bringing we stitchers a little closer. Mind you, I have been doing more feltmaking than stitching of late. Needlefelting is flavour of the month at my workshops! Looking forward to a yoga retreat in Spain at the end of the month, when I can take some stitching with me. Love your use of the map where your swapping buddy lives Jane.

  5. What a lovely swap!
    Hope your son is feeling a bit better x

  6. Amy has a natural eye for composition and her choice of colours is very joyful. All sitting really well with her choice of motifs.

    jean x

  7. Such lovely, thoughtful pieces. What a lovely idea. xx

  8. both pieces are so unique and turned out great. :)

  9. Two really original pieces ... I love them both!
    M x


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