Well hello there. I have been away for a little longer than I ever intended. But hey oh that's life.
It's been a bit of a hectic life round here over the last few weeks, some bits great, some bits amazing and some bits best not mentioned.
But I have lots to show and tell, of course when you have fallen off the horse it is always really hard to ease yourself back in to the saddle.
So I am doing it gently.
Here are some pics of what the Ginger one and I got up to last night.

Learning how to make fishing nets with the Hastings fishermen.

How cool is that?
Itching to do some at home now, though A) not sure what I would use it for and B) not sure where I would find the extra hours in the day...
Hope you are all well and looking forward to getting round to visiting all you guys soon. Hope you have all been having fun.
Love Nora xxxx


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