Today the trusty Bernina should have been a blur so fast should it have been working.
But today I have been easily distracted by a friend's debate on facebook that has left me wallowing in memories of libraries I have known and loved.
It also reminded me that as a young girl I thought there was nothing so wonderful as watching the Librarian stamp out the books, or the bank clerk stamping cheques.
It still appeals to me, there seems such authority in it.
I am worried that my old friend procrastination has come to visit again.
Love Nora xxx


  1. me too. always wished i would have pursued library sciences....

  2. Yes - the stamping!! I know just what you mean!! There was such authority in those stamps.

  3. Oh yes, the stamping. I loved the little envelopes with your name on that the librarian tucked the book tickets into too. I spent much of my childhood (and now adulthood as the girls love it too) playing libraries. Still looks like a pretty jammy job.

  4. I think I Know your old friend "procrastination' too?

    When i was small about 6 i made my own library and put tickets in my i longed for a stamp....

    Oh To work to work today?!

    Bestest D x

  5. Procrastination .... an old and distracting friend of mine too.
    No textiles and stitch for me today though. Right now I'm putting off doing my homework for French class this evening. Usually I enjoy it but after a summer break of nearly 3 months I can barely remember how to say hello. Suddenly the laundry seems very inviting and virtuous ...

  6. I had a John Bull printing set and stamped all over my books...grrrrrr. Also played bus conductors up the stairs so that I could print tickets.
    I did end up in graphic design but our library is self service now so we would all have been redundant.xx

  7. I also like the librarians stamp but wonder do they actually still do that? is it all computerised now, scanning instead? I confess I haven't been in a library for a long time. Use it or lose it I think. I may just go tomorrow.

  8. Don't talk to me about procrastination - we'll have a chat about that later...


  9. Just discovered your fab blog - hate to disappoint you but I work in a library and there are no date stamps just a self service machine, luckily I also worked in a library when we had the date stamps so I fulfilled that ambition!! Suzanne X

  10. Never thought about the date stamps! but did want to be in charge of a travelling library van, delivering books of into the middle of nowhere. Ooooh I might have to do a post on this , thank you, I'll link back to you if I do. x


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