So it's not as if I haven't known this day is coming.

Its been written on the calendar since just after we moved here at the end of March.
I have had at least six long weeks to prepare for it.
So why is it that it is now past nine pm on the evening before the boys go back to school and I haven't bought them any new uniforms yet?
We planned to go a couple of weeks ago in the morning, before lunch.
But the friends the boys had invited over to play 
 turned up 
So that was that.
We talked about getting all the old uniforms out this morning and seeing if anything could be salvaged, knees patched, hems let down.
But it never got that far.
It a fit of "Oh God it's the last day of the holidays we have to do something" I bundled the boys in to the car and headed out to the local pool.
The one with a wave machine and slide, the one they love.
Only to find a pool full of old Grandmas doing aqua aerobics.
How dare the pool go back to its term time timetable before all the schools have gone back?
So in an attempt to delay the inevitable return to the homestead and my failure to impose the "no more t.v until you both learn how to behave like real human beings" rule, we had a little wander round the shops.
Well, when I say shops, what I really mean is the collection of aircraft hangers next to the aforementioned swimming pool which houses such retail beauties as poundland and pets at home.
There is however a Next, so I bought lots and lots and lots of socks (more than could possibly fit in this hastily taken picture), enough for a whole year and some disturbingly unnecessary glorious Technicolor pants for the Ginger one. I guess the Bombshell will just have to go commando under his ankle flappy knee-less trousers.
Still there is always next year.
Though I suspect it may take me that long to find the school bags and remember what they like in their packed lunches.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Ha ha been there done that still doing it actually....bestest daisy j x

  2. Oh yes... I remember panic parenting! EE xx

  3. This post rings so true - probably because I was out looking for a clear pencil case ( had to be clear) yesterday in my lunch break.

  4. Look on the bright side, at least they'll have jazzy feet. Socks are the bane of my life. I tried going with the multicoloured option one year.I still ended up with a basket full of singles, and since my boys are about as anally retentive as I am they wouldn't even consider wearing a mismatched pair. Fortunately I only have 2 years left of this particular torture.

    Hope the first day back went well :)



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