I have been mulling over a question of an important nature.
I can't come to a conclusion about this one.

May be you can help.
How many items does a collection make?
How many objects of glory do you need to own before it is officially a collection.
I am now the proud owner of two beautiful old travel irons.

The green one I have had for a while, given by a lovely friend who knows me too well.
I love it.
It sits on the shelf just above the ironing board.
I have felt since it arrived in my life it was the beginning of something.
But I was not quite sure what.
The concept of a collection maybe?
Then on Sunday another beautiful little iron of joy complete with its own rusty tin came home to live with me and the little green iron.
So is this a collection?

Is it a proto collection?
A collection in the making?
Or as the Hippy claims a pile of useless old junk.
He also claims you need at least 10 items to make a collection.
But as he has a garage full of rusty old bits of stuff and off cuts of wood I feel the ice is very thin and his opinions count for naught in this regard.
And if I have to wait till I have 10 irons before I have a collection then what is the point?
I'll either be dead or over it by then.
All help on this matter is gratefully received.
Love Nora xxx


  1. It's time you called an ironing board meeting. I would like to propose that two is a pair and three is a collection. All those in favour say IRON! xx

  2. Nora darling!
    Its a beautiful pair, with huge potential to become a fab collection....rock on...
    bestest d xx

  3. Ah what tales of travel taken they could tell. Tell him in his garage they're things of great beauty and practical use .. and definitely the start of something big.
    Does he collect yoghurt pots too?

  4. Oh they are fantastic! I think it counts as a collection - definitely one that you should continue adding to. I hope you find more! Now I'll be on the lookout too :).

  5. Ooh, heavy pondering indeed! I'd say call it whatever you damn well please and enjoy!

  6. Ooh, heavy pondering indeed! I'd say call it whatever you damn well please and enjoy!

  7. I think you could call two the START of a collection...



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