T'other day I went on a little trip down the road in to sunny St Leonards.
I went to the amazing Aladdin's cave that is Wayward.
I've blogged about this shop before.
I really can't recommend it enough.
And this is what I purchased

A few meters of something special and vintage eventually destined to find a home in our living room.
Here's a full pic

 I also treated my self to a couple of meters of this

The softest of soft wool, may be it will become a skirt, may be a tunic, maybe a jacket.
Only time will tell.
And then there is this 

Stunning hand printed french trim.
Again, no idea what it will become, but how could I not buy it?
Especially at only £4 per m.
Hope all you Fridays are full of fantastic fabrics.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Wow...your works are great!!!

    Baci dall'Italia


  2. I would like to feel Wayward...looking forward to seeing the magic happen with your sewing machine. xx

  3. I am planning what I would make with that trim....divine with a capital d...bestest weekend wishes to you D xx

  4. Mmmmm..Wayward! Fabulous buys...that trim is magic! Must go there soon....been far too long.

  5. Somehow hadn't realised what fun your blog posts are - promise to follow (and laugh) regularly...

  6. Great fabrics and we all know you'll make something fab with them. M x


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