I was going to write a post where I swanked about showing off my new tea set and pretended I lived an idyllic life where I can have peaceful cups of tea in the autumn sunshine in my perfectly manicured garden whilst thumbing through a pile of old books I bought at the car boot sale.

But its all lies I tell you, lies.
Well, not about the tea set thats all true.
But with in seconds of carrying the tray out in to the garden this happened

And then before the milk was in the tea this happened

However from this beauty I did glean some topical information

Enjoy the return of the sunshine my friends and thank you all for the fantastic comments on my last post. I am due to popular demand going to show you how I did it later in the week.
Love Nora xxx

The Hippy has just managed to take out all bar one of the teacups in a tragic fish tank related incident.
The fish are fine, the tank is fine, the teacups are R.I.P.
As are any future pretences at the idyllic life that involve garden tea parties.
Tea cups it was a great 30 hours.


  1. Oh dear, poor teacups. That sounds like exactly the kind of thing that would happen here. My other half would probably say something ill-advised like "at least they weren't new"!

  2. So...the moral of the story is...stop swanking! xx

  3. Nnnnnooooooooooo!!
    Sturdy mugs and builders tea it is then.

  4. Oh what a shame! If you still have one teacup I think you should sneak out to the garden for a cuppa when everyone else is out!! I've got one of those cute little biscuit snatchers at my house:D

  5. Oh NO!!!!

    My grandchildren also like to drink out of the milk jug...


  6. Ha ha you know what they say...."pride comes....etc etc"

    love a small dose of reality now and then!

    bestest daisy x

  7. And so beautiful they were too and very photogenic.
    I guess there's always ebay ... that delightfully useful source of the unwanted and unloved?

  8. The china is a great colour perhaps good for a mosaic now? Y'know with all that spare time you have:)

    Jean xx

  9. Ah well, life in a house full of testosterone. That's why most of beautiful objects n our house are cloth, as it isn't breakable. Lovely teacups though!

  10. I found your fantastic blog a few weeks back. Oh your poor teaset. I love the picture of your little boy - that's the sort of thing mine would have done when they were younger!
    Julie xxxxxx

  11. Sorry about the poor tea cups but you have made me smile all day long!
    Love your honesty and blog!

  12. Sorry to hear about your teacups - loving your blog!

  13. oh no!! and they were such pretty tea cups too.......he needs his milk to grow big and strong and then he can look after you in your dotage....


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