Experimentation with much loved photos of family, some hand printed fabric, freezer paper and my printer.
I love love love these pictures of R and L my (very) little brother and sister.
I also really love this one of my old Pa

I took all these pics on a day out to Dungeness early in the summer while the family had all come over from France to check pout the new abode.
We can only get together about once a year which is hard on the emotions, so its great to have memories to keep you warm through the winter.


I have been cooking up an idea for a journal come photo album that will be a record of my family's year, because it really has been quite a monumental and challenging one. Something we can keep adding to as the year progresses.
But something that reflects us all the way through it, from the book used to the decorations interspersing the pictures. 
It will take me a while and I haven't really thought through all the details yet.
But then I rarely do.
Plunging in head first with little thought or planning really is my style.

I got the inspiration for the journal from Vintage Jane and the fabric was part of a package of off cuts and experiments in printing that the ever fabulous Colette gave me last time I saw her.
Have a fun filled weekend kids.
Much Love Nora xxx


  1. That looks fabulous! Any tutorial you can recommend?

  2. What a fantastic idea, those books are adorable! Did you put the fabric through your printer? *gasp* I'm too chicken to try such a thing.
    All looks amazing though. x

  3. Corker of an idea FN, but how did you do it? Please share.

    Jean xx

  4. How neat!! I'd love to hear more about how you did this. I want to try too!!

  5. I had such fun making my book. I love your colour photos on the fabric ... look forward to seeing more as it progresses. I was too chicken to use freezer paper as I'd heard too many tales of printer jams and my Mr would not have been impressed if I'd bu****ed up his printer! I ended up using TAP paper, expensive but it worked well. You've made me want to do some more now .... ! M x


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