I have been playing about with some ideas for the autumn timetable of my Kids craft workshops.
The first one is coming up really quite soon, though I am in denial about the fact that September is just round the corner.
The first one is all about self portraits.

Drawing directly on to fabric with permanent markers, then stitching them up in to little 3D toys.
I made these up as a sample for the kids to see what to do. 
They are of my self and Kirsty, the glamourous assistant.
The boys wanted to join in. 
I haven't finished stuffing these ones yet, and I'm not entirely sure what it says about what is going on in the Bombshell's tiny little brain.

Or why the Ginger looks like a girl.

But then if we knew 100% of what goes on in little boys heads I suspect the world would be a weird and troubling place.
It didn't all go smoothly with this project. 
Thought it would be fun to share a couple of the out takes.
Kirsty with a black eye.

Me with the beginnings of a Hitler tash.

Hope the end of the Holidays aren't going too fast for all of you out there.
Love Nora xxx


  1. the children will love making these!
    but yes it is going way too fast!

  2. oh, these look like great fun. Thanks for sharing the out-takes, as it is reassuring to see that not all goes perfectly in the land of Nora.

  3. personally I'm drawn to the Hitler impression! Don't know what that says about me....

  4. What a great idea! Might even have to steal it off you as I'm planning a craft day at the local library. Maybe attaching them to a key ring could work!

  5. These are Fab, especially like the Bombshell + Ginger's ones. Love the bright fabric peek in out aroung the edges.
    This summer holiday is definitely going to fast as my oldest starts school this September- things are going to be a lot quieter than I am used to and I don't like it one bit

  6. Terrific stuff, there's something very 'seaside postcard characters' about the first two, the sea air is clearly going straight to your head!


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