One of my favourite bowls has come to a sad end.

I can't quite bring my self to throw it in the bin.
I can't quite bring my self to glue it back together.
And so it sits on the corner of my cutting table, getting in the way and gathering dust, waiting for inspiration to strike.
I love the simplicity of the pattern round the edge.

I am toying with the idea of translating it in to fabric.
But time is not my friend.
So may be if I put the idea out here, write it down, may be it will happen.
May be.
Love Nora xxxx


  1. nooooo it is a gorgeous little design. Do you know anyone that makes Mosiacs? i smashed a lovely cup and gave the pieces to a friend who does that and now I have a little mosiac birdie with parts of the cup in! xx

  2. What a must search every boot fair in every kingdom until you find another. EE xx

  3. I'm sure you will find a way of ensuring that it will live on ...
    M x

  4. Oh poop! It is a lovely thing indeed. Such a pity it's all broken now. Could you carefully break the rest and use the edge as a mosaic border on something?


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