Today we all went on a big old family trip out, all except the Hippy, he was off building schools and stuff.
I have a rare day off, over breakfast I said  "Where shall we take Nana and Grandad today boys?"
After vetoing the amusement arcade, the aquarium and the swings we settled upon a quick trip up the coast to BexHill.
Hurrah, the thing I love the most about all of my family is that the best treat, the most exciting day out is to go to the charity shop capital of the South coast.
Three generations of excitement, can't get much better than that.
Today's shopping basket was full of 

An interesting old hat, a lot of hand embroidered nonsense.

I think these blue ones are destined to become pockets.

There are 4 of these and they are quite big, so the possibilities are almost endless.

And a delicious tablecloth.
I also stumbled across this old mending kit from the Imperial Hotel, Hythe, Kent.
Mainly I am very attracted to the fact it also includes a row of matches, just incase you need to start a small fire, or light a fag, or cauterise a wound while darning your stockings.

And finally just before heading home the only non charity shop purchases of the day, figs and greengages.

All this, but no egg cups, which is what I was really looking for.
May your shopping bags be full to the brim with good things.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Charity shop capital of the south coast??? Is there more than 17? I'm on my way. EE xx

  2. Goodness, I would be there!!!! If I could. What a wonderful find. And all joined in, also the first generation. How lovely

  3. I think your 'matches' were glue matches which were used to stop runs / ladders in stockings, as nail varnish was used in later years. I'm not sure if they were licked or warmed to become fluid enough to apply to the run.


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