Hurrah I have finally finished one of my many unfinished projects.

Actually as unfinished projects go this one hasn't been on the go for too long, about months. Which for me at the moment is good going.
It started off as a simple tunic, the pattern taken from an old top I really liked.
It was supposed to be a quick fix, I needed something smart and dark to wear to a rather upsetting occasion.
But instantly the tunic took on a life of its own.
First the contrast trim at the neck line, all unfinished raw edges that will hopefully fray and matt over time and look interesting.
Then the four rows of contrast stitching. It was ok I could still make the deadline.

Then I remembered this and how much I enjoyed making it.
I also remembered how a simple running stitch is my favourite one. I love the simplicity, the repetition and the quilted effect it gives.

The deadline passed, I wore emergency black with an unsuitable bright coat teamed with scarlet shoes. 
A little inappropriate, but it cheered me up.
Time passed. Some evenings I would do a few rows. 
Most evenings I would not.
But now its finished, the only problem being its of a very heavy linen and probably a little warm for this time of year.

However I have waited quite a long time for this tunic, I think a few more weeks will not be a problem.
In other news the hexie skirt has now rather annoyingly evolved and is becoming an overworked, over thought, complicated bit of nonsense and not just a quick stash busting border. 
I am surprised at how surprised I am by this development, especially considering all of the above.
Hopefully it will be finished by Christmas.
Love Nora xxx


  1. I love your stitching, Nora! And I looked at your buttons ... and fell again in love with buttons (I made the class with Karen Ruane). Just take your time to finish even past Christmas - because then you will have to wait for warmer months to wear it. I love also your humorous writing.

  2. It does look beautiful and well worth the wait I think.

  3. I love those waves, very rhythmic.

  4. Finishing the unfinished has to be one of the best feelings...?

    That wave is undulatingly good!!

    Wait until Autumn with a layer under this it will be lived in Iam sure....


    Daisy j x

  5. Well worth the wait indeed, love the gentle flow of those stitches.

  6. It's lovely! Love your new header too ...
    I have a shedful of things to be finished by Christmas ... just don't ask which Christmas ...
    M x


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