On bank holiday Monday The Hippy went from a wander round the garden and returned with steam pouring from his ears and a string a words not to be repeated here upon his lips.
It would appear the ******* squirrels have been at his nuts.
We have a couple of hazel trees at the top of the garden that a few of days ago were heavy with nearly ripe nuts, but now they were sadly more or less stripped bare.

And so we all spent a happy hour gathering what was left of the harvest and gossiping with neighbours over the fence.
Nana and Grandad are here on a late summer visit checking out the new abode and looking after two energetic boys while we get on with the boring business of keeping a roof over our heads.
Later in the afternoon as we were all sitting down to dinner, Grandad commented on how the huge flock of sparrows that live in our hedge were constantly flying back and forth across the garden.
We sat and watched them for a moment before the Hippy bellowed "They are after the bloody blackberries!"

The boys jumped up and ran out shouting.
The hippy sprinted for his step ladder.
Nana and I grabbed bowls and we all went back out a harvesting.
Yesterday Nana and the Bombshell made the most delicious blackberry and apple crumble.

I predict a week of substantial dinners and a thickening of the already thick waist line!
Are you all enjoying nature's bounty at this time of year?
Love Nora xxx


  1. You made me laugh- similar scenes can be seen in my garden, but usually involving snails! I did have to shoo the dog away from nibbling the strawberries earlier in the summer, but mostly he just wees on them :S
    Enjoy the fruits of your labours!!!

  2. This is fabulous :) How wonderful to have a harvest garden.
    We get a few limes from our tree and they go promptly into the Corona bottle ;) haha
    I hope summer lingers a bit more for you Mrs :) Kx


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