Whilst taking a breather in the park this afternoon I spotted some rare, very wild, quite possibly dangerous and defiantly toxic wild beasties.

I tried to tame them with ice cream but it didn't work and they turned on me.

Later they tried to initiate me in to the ways of their tribe

But it took so long to decipher the code we had to resort to the use of
hand signals to convey the essential information.
What would my super power would be?

By the time I had formulated an answer they had gone.

Escape was made and they ran howling in to the shrubbery never to be seen again.

May be next time I will try chocolate buttons.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Wild beasties indeed....

  2. Sorry, love. If ice cream didn't work, you are, as the say in Australia, entirely 'stuffed'.

  3. Lovely post, dear Nora, I love such beasties who run away after they had enough


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