On Saturday I did a bit of this.

We were making lots of these.

In the new and spiffy venue.
We were all so pleased with how it turned out.
The kids were amazing, and worked so hard

they produced some of the
finest Easter Chicks South London has ever seen.

Here is a selection of them for you to admire.

One of them even laid an egg!

I am holding the next class on 28th April
we will be making these

With more than a passing nod to my good friend Lola Nova for the inspiration.
You can read all about the class here.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Look at those happy faces! Brilliant wee chickadees as well!

  2. Super cute chicks, and now I'm wanting a wonder woman cuff...

  3. All those smiley, shyly-proud little faces. Cracking stuff. Really great. :)

  4. Just wish we lived closer ... M x

  5. I believe that young man has created the first "vampire" chicken that I have ever seen. Too cute!

  6. Ruby @ princess plumbing26 March 2012 at 20:04

    Thank you so much, my daughter loved it. She now thinks she's an expert seamstress. Looking forward to the next one


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