What is it about boys and fire?
We are in a brief sort of lull in some major work that is going on round here.
One bedroom done, kitchen and dining room to be painted tomorrow, and then a new roof.
Not looking forward to that one I can tell you.
Any way the result of all this work is we no longer have a garden just a skip in waiting.
This does however lead to great raw materials for camp making.

And if you have a camp you need a fire.
Daddy was in charge of this camp.
It started with a candle.

Escalated quite quickly to a small but well contained bonner.

And now as we speak the Hippy has returned from a hasty trip to homebase and is excitedly assembling a brasier in the back garden.
I am frantically bringing in the washing and hiding up hoping the house will still be standing in the morning.
More hands over here.
Hopefully see you all on the other side!
Nora xxx


  1. It is indeed a boy thing! Fortunately in this neck of the woods things are never dry enough for their pyrotechnic enthusiasm to be a problem. Glad you had the foresight to bring in the washing, I'm never that quick!
    Best of luck :o)

  2. Hee hee, I'm sending Mr over, he doesn't get any boy type japes around these parts.

  3. I have three sisters. My childhood was like one long film stunt with their antics...hope the house survived!!


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