A hand made life part 2.
Today the boys have mainly been doing what boys do best.
Power tools, balls and little bits of treasured paper.
No 1 son is showing us the contents of his pockets.

No 2 son is helping Daddy build a fence by drilling holes in an old set of shelves.

Typical day in the Nora household.
I freely admit that this post has obviously had a huge subconscious influence on me.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Does no. 2 want to make me some wardrobe doors? He looks talented.

  2. That's so great. It's good for kids to be comfortable with tools and learn how to safely use them... Next stop the iron? :)) Kx

  3. how great, love the sight of the little finger's on the drill.

  4. Hi Nora
    I love that they're all doing their boy thing :-)
    Our son was busy drilling with his toy drill whilst Mr Happy was drilling holes for a new blackout blind ... imitation is everything for children, isn't it?
    Happy days


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