If you have been concentrating properly recently you will know that I have had an extraordinary run of good luck.
Lots of fab and amazing fabrics, trims, lace and haberdashery seem to be literally falling in my lap.
Then for those of you really concentrating hard you may remember the
that I launched last year.
I think its time to get the ball rolling again.
So tune in on Tuesday 14th February to find out how you can get your mitts on some of the amazing goodies from Joan's stash and my trip to Wayward a few weeks ago, not to mention the ever growing heap of glitzy fabric scrap that
are in the corner of my shed.
So thats it kids

Tuesday 14th Feb for
Nora's big Valentine's
Who Loves ya Baby

And here is a little glimpse of some of the beauties that will be in the said giveaway.

Blue fabrics

Yellow fabrics

Red fabrics

All sorts of who knows what they are fabrics.

Coloured braids.

And even some vintage knicker elastic (unused!)

Oh can't wait!
Bit daunted by the level of organisation I need to undertake
in just over a week but hey ho!
I will be back in a day or few with a tale of odd coincidence that involves trips back in time, archeology and some beautiful stitching by
someone much more accomplished than I.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Sounds fun!! I'm glad to hear the knicker elastic is unused though!!

  2. hopefully I won't have to share with the mini ninja this time

  3. Good gravy woman, you are fab! What a lovely valentine!

  4. What fun! And what glorious fabrics :-)

  5. Mmmmmm, what lovelies you have to share, lucky us.

  6. We popped into St Leonards this afternoon and had a peep through Wayward's window - looks intriguing in there.....what a change from the shop that used to occupy that space. (I loved the previous place actually - am sad it has closed.) And I wanted to pop into the other new place, Shop, but they were also closed - Monday ain't a good day for Norman Rd. So Saturday it shall be.

    Anyway - you have some lovely goodies up there. Tres interesting. :)

  7. How fun and generous of you!
    Can't wait to see who gets it all!


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