As you probably know this isn't the first time I've done this sort of thing.
Cast your mind back to the great scrap heap challenge of last year.
So I have been a lucky girl so far this year.
I have inherited Joan's magnificent stash AND I was lucky to be present at
Lots and lots more of you seem to think the semi literate, semi truthful and semi deranged ramblings I put on this here blog are a good thing.
Life is on the up kids.
Its on the up.
So here is the small printy kind of stuff.
I am giving away the following
4 scrap bags of fabric from Joan's stash

2 mixed up ribbon and braid scrap bags
Oh and of course some of the thankfully unused vintage knicker elastic.

and 2 bags of buttons.

The packages will all be a mixture of the fabrics above and some that aren't for want of space shown. Same deal with the ribbons and braid.
All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me which of the above you want and leaving me a way to contact you.
But also I want you to tell me something that will make me smile, don't care what it is and the giveaway isn't dependant on it, but there is no harm in asking for something in return is there!
If you miss out don't worry there is so much stuff to giveaway.
Its just I can't afford to pay all the postage on hundreds of parcels of lovely loveliness.
So tomorrow I will be listing lots of scrap bags in my folksy shop.
All you will be doing is paying the postage.
But I'll tell the details of that on the morrow.
So all that is left to say is
and the answer is of course Nora does.


  1. I was in Wayward on Saturday - and going back again this week...oh the fabrics they have!!

    There's a roll of suiting - black with a white pinstripe - that the label says is from 1947 and comes from a Hollywood studio. Hubby and I LOVED it. We speculated on whether it's genuine or if the owner is taking the mickey a bit and cheekily stuck an old label on it. I mean, how does a bolt of fabric get from 1940's Hollywood to St Leonards on Sea in 2012?

    And those beautiful old cards!! I am so going to buy a few for my wallpaper project.. I just didn't take enough cash with me, as usual, so had to stick to getting the linen I went in for. And some buttons and lace.

    I could spend hours in that shop closely examining everything - but the Man has limited patience and usually we go together, as we do pretty much everything together. Luckily he loves vintage too. :)

    Anyway I am rambling...sorry.......so what I would love are the mixed fabric bags. I'd be more than happy to pay the postage anyway.

    Lovely stuff!

  2. I like the fabrics in the top row and any buttons or braid would be lovely!
    I wish I'd been at the Wayward's closing down sale - it sounds fabulous|!
    What is/was Waywards anyway?
    Do you have any more silk to go in your little shop?

  3. I would love some of the blue fabric and perhaps the vintage knicker elastic. Something to make you smile? Hmmmmmm.

    How about the large number of incredibly sophisticated young teenagers who were in the cinema today and who all screamed out loud with genuine fright at a moment in The Woman in Black?

    Or how about my elder son getting his (long) hair cut only after it was no fun any more as I was getting used to it and rather liking it?

  4. Thank you for this giveaway. Joan's stash looks lovely, some scraps from that would be very welcome. What would make you smile? The look on by husband's face after he locked up his camper van and then spotted our large cat grinning at him from his perch on the cooker?

  5. Cotton fabrics would be fabulous for my scraps quilt. I would never have thought when I started these blocks that I might end up running low on scraps, but it's actually happening... will check out your folksy shop too. Something to make you smile on Valentine's Day: two TV aerials gazed at each other across the roof tops for many months. They fell in love and got married. The wedding ceremony was nothing special but the reception was excellent.

  6. Any embroidered bits please as I would like to embellish my clothes. My 7 year old niece brought round some heart shaped fairy cakes but was disappointed that she couldn't wake Colin up despite giving him a kiss. cheers Alison

  7. Of course it's the fabrics that are screaming at me (reds and greens). No smiles here, dealing with too much sick :(

    Sickness aside, school holidays always make me smile :)

  8. Oh ribbons and braids please if those are still in the running! xo Sue McGhie - you've got my email :-D

  9. Its like being a kid in a lolly shop fabric or ribbon?I'd like them both . If I'm lucky enough you decide Nora. Would you smile at me explaining to the plumber (here to fix the blocked toilet) that all the talc on the floor was my 4 yr old granddaughters dust bath so she could roll around on the ground like the donkey girls do in her other Grandma's paddock Di And I can be contacted at diellis59@gmail.com

  10. You are too damn nice girl. xxx

  11. On Monday night I dropped my wallet outside work. Some nice Londoners picked it up, kept it safe and met me soon after to return it. I took a photo of them which you can see here: http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-748078 (You might especially enjoy Russell Grant beaming down upon them.) They were really lovely and it made me smile. Sometimes we're portrayed as an unfriendly bunch, but I've never found that to be the case. (Except entering/exiting Victoria Station in the rush hour...)

    If you have any, I'd be interested in anything 50s-style and/or anything odd. I like sewing with odd things.

  12. You are a wonder dear! I do love those ribbons! Best of luck to everyone! Thanks for the giveaway you lovely lady!

  13. I am making journals with 15 teenage girls in march and would love some fabric and ribbon...
    Something to make you smile. I am going to cadbury world on Saturday and I will bring you a little something home!
    Thanks FN!
    Nikki k

  14. Ooooh, I'd love to be entered in for some of the fabric please.

    I've been have a really boring half term, due to a very faulty alarm and waiting in for engineers!! my poor boys are getting very bored and the Wii just gave up the ghost.... but stitchinglife's joke just made me laugh!

  15. I'd love some fabric scraps please. Particularly like the top left - greens - and the blues or the reds. All lovely. Whatever you have left would be great. I'm in pathfield road and very happy to pick up from you. I'm ali's friend Sarah - sarah.christie-brown@hailshamchambers.com.
    A joke for you and the boys:
    A man goes to see a psychiatrist wrapped only in cling film. The psychiatrist says "I can see your nuts"
    Hope not too rude for such a lovely blog!

  16. Sorry - it's meant to be "I can clearly see your nuts"! Never was very good at telling jokes...

  17. Ooo what goodies! Id be up for either the fabric or the ribbons, whichever you choose to send but I guess the fabric would be my first choice. I cant believe I used to live down the road from Waywards but now I am about 200 miles away! Too far for a closing sale :-(

  18. I would be happy with anything. Something to make u smile. My little girl saw a heron on the way to school, she still insists its a flamingo!

  19. Anything would make me happy but especially a scrap bag.
    Something to make you smile hmm My little man, 15 months, has discovered that if someone opens the safety gate on the living room to let him out he can now shut it himself to lock us in :-)

  20. Hi Jane, how nice of you and how wonderful!!!
    However, don't put me on your list - I have so much stuff that I must have another 200 years of sewing life (does this make you smile, too?) up to now I had only ----well lets not talk about age. I just wanted to tell you this.
    Somebody else will enjoy it...

  21. Hi. I'd be so pleased to win some of the fabric but actually would be happy with any of what you're giving away. Something to make you smile - well I hope this works! I've just been on holiday in Morocco and a couple on our tour celebrated their golden wedding during the holiday. I decided to stitch a card for them [I knew hotel sewing kits were there for a reason :)]. I needed some sellotape or glue stick to finish it off. Unfortunately the receptionist could not speak English and my French isn't up to much so I had to try and mime sellotape and glue! And I wasn't even drunk!

  22. Wow Jane! Another fabulous booty of goodies... you are indeed a lucky one. Is there any barkcloth in that stash? Now that would make me smile :) Hmm... my 'smile' story happened last week. I was walking my little one to school because my big girl had left very early for cross country training. We were walking along the river walk and approaching the school when suddenly the cross country girls flew past us in their blue and white sports uniforms. I couldn't really make out any individual girl, they just seemed to be moving as one group... just like a flock of birds. And it really WAS like in the movies... they seemed to be floating past in slow motion! It was the most beautiful thing I've seen in ages. A sea of blue and white birds and my darling big girl was one of them :) Hope you have a fabulous week. Kx

  23. Ooh don't know what happened but posted last night and cant see it this morning - never mind. thanks for the chance with the giveaway and if I was lucky enough to win I would absolutely love the fabric, maybe the blues/greens, but to be honest anything would be lovely. Something to make you laugh -
    Q. Why did the chewing gum cross the road
    A. Cos it was stuck to the chicken.

    Are you rolling round on the floor Nora, nope didn't think so.

    Thanks once age

    Jane Whalley

  24. If it's not too horrendously late, I would love to have anything from the stash, as I seem to be getting my sew on for the summer.

    Meanwhile, something to make you smile...
    My mum has been having a bit of a clearout and was checking through her cookery book stash. Tucked in the pages of one of the books was a long-thought-lost recipe for what we called Moon Cake, a vanilla sponge studded with chocolate chunks which I used to obsess over as a child. She emailed it to me a few days ago with appropriate amounts of "Goodness! look what I found" so now we're been planning a bake & compare & then eat :)

    - Jen the viking afficionado


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