Some times there are funny coincidences.
Sometimes its best to grab them and run.
Today I saw that Vic at Punky and Me has a new theme for her meme
My place at yours.
Recently my home has been on my mind.
Its been for many and various reasons taking up a disproportional part of my waking thoughts.
I realised I very rarely talk about my home here and I thought I would try and change that.
We aren't ones for buying flat pack furniture unless we can help it.
Lets face it Ikea really is a necessary evil,
I would love to be able to afford to buy one off beautiful hand crafted furniture,
spend my days scouring antique stores and auction houses for
the exactly right occasional table.
Thats probably not going to happen, ever.
But we do seem to have a knack for collecting unloved bits of old junk and giving them a new and loving home.
Most of the things We have hanging on our walls have a story.
And it was some of these I wanted to tell.
So I thought I'd start in the littlest room.
The bathroom.
Whats on the walls in my bathroom?

This Indian shrine was found on Greenwich Market about 5 years ago.
A very young Ginger Ninja and I went for a day out with my friend Rebecca who was on a flying visit from Paris.
I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it.
I kept trying to convince myself that I couldn't afford it (£40!!?)
I loved the small piece of wax still stuck to the shelf where incense sticks were placed and burt.
I loved the fact that the little ring to open the door has never been used.
It is much easier to push the hinge to swing the door open.
I loved the fact that on close inspection it is not symmetrical.
We walked away, we came back, we bribed the Ginger with an icecream.
In the end I knew I was being ridiculous, I handed over the cash and came away a happy Nora.
Poor Ginger had to walk home while the shrine rode happily in the buggy.
More bribery I think was used at this point.

When we bought our house many years ago one of the things the Hippy and I loved was what we liked to think of as the en-suite garden.
What other less refined than us may have called the outside privy.
Please understand at this point we have always has indoor plumbing,
this was just an optional extra.
Not that we used it as there was no door.
There were however the most amazing and ancient facilities out there.

Sadly this is all that is now left of those late Victorian early Edwardian fixtures.

I love maps.
I love the Tube map.
I love London.
We spotted these tiles in a magazine and just knew.
Any thing would have been better than the purple monstrosity of a bathroom that was here when we moved it.

I took loads of pictures all over the house.
We have a lot of stuff on the walls.
But in the end I decided the bathroom was where it was at!
Check out whats on every one else's walls here.
And don't forget tune in on Tuesday for the start of the
big who loves you baby Valentine's giveaway.
Though what has possessed me to do this on the busiest day of the month so far and in the middle of the half term holidays.,
I will never learn!
Love Nora xxx


  1. love the stories behind each piece. what fun tiles.

  2. Love the shrine, perfect in every way.

  3. I am such a nosy cow - I love looking at other peoples houses. And you have such interesting things on your walls - the colour of that shrine is wonderful!

  4. What a cool bathroom! I love that you turned your "outdoor en-suite" into a mirror, and those tiles are FANTASTIC.

    Thanks for sharing the walls in your littlest room!

  5. Flamin' Nora you're my kinda girl! Loving your stuff, glad I found you via MP&Y, looking forward to seeing more of your life, Go Girl. :)

  6. love your cupboard in the loo!!! and I ADORE your tiles!! can't get owt like that up north....

  7. I love those tiles, very cool idea. You have lovely interesting things!

  8. I love those tiles!!
    Many years ago I had the fantasy of decorating a downstairs toilet with pages of the Beano pasted to the walls instead of wallpaper. Never got round to doing it. (Never had a house with a downstairs toilet, more like.) Now I'd like to do it with maps instead.


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