I like to have a bath.
Well really I love to have a bath.
But the problem is, and I suspect it will be one many of you out there will sympathise with, I don't have the time to have a bath.

A quick shower between shouting at the kids to HURRY UP!
Getting school uniforms ready, force feeding a reluctant 4 and a stroppy 8 yrs old unhealthy non nourishing sugary breakfast cereal and shouting at the kids to HURRY UP! whilst running about trying to work out where they have put the shoes this time is all I manage these days, if i'm lucky.
So if I actually manage to fit a bath in its a really special event.
Tonight I knew it was going wrong when there was a slamming on the bathroom door.
"Mummy what are you doing?"
"Having a bath sweetheart"
"Can I come in?"
"But I need to"
"No sling your hook its my bath not yours."
I lay back in the warm and comforting water.
Moments later I realised both the battle and the war were lost in one fell swoop.
The bombshell was standing amidst a pile of discarded clothes and starting to make a serious assault on the bath.
After a lot of whinging about how the water was too hot and then weeing in it
the Bombshell settled down to play a fantastic game.
Washing Mummy's hair with shower gel.
"No I don't like that stuff. This is much better"
"Oh ok, bad hair day tomorrow then"
But then that quickly, half way through rinsing Mummy's hair with soapy wee wee bath water, became boring.
So I spent the next 10 minutes having my head slashed open by Wolverine and then having the blood wiped away by a Ben 10 flannel.
In the end I gave up.
I can always have a shower in the morning
I hope!
Please please can you all reassure me that this is normal.
Tell me that girls are also this gruesome and invasive.
Happy Sunday night to you all.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Just about an hour ago I scrubbed down our grubby bathroom. I looked longingly at the sparkling tub (well, sparkling in comparison to pre-scrubbing) and thought, 'Just maybe I could, it's been ages since I last had a proper soak, she's outside playing now - I could sneak it in!' So, fresh towel from the closet, a bit of lavender oil in, and just as I was about to pin my mop atop my head and indulge in a decadent afternoon tub... there came a screaming, and a clomping, a banging, and a barging in of one mudded from head to toe snotty faced little girl. Now the once sparkling promise of relaxing soak has a grimy mud ring around it - and something that looks suspiciously like a squashed slug.

  2. Trust me Jane - girls are every bit as bad until....hormones! Then you stand no chance of EVER even getting into the bathroom, let alone have a bath. xxAxx

  3. I get to have a bath every day. Didn't realise what a luxury that is until I read this :-)

  4. I am mean. I wait till the 2 year old is in bed,lock the door and ignore the 8 year old and 12 year old. But only manage it every few months, otherwise my morning showers sound much like yours 'clean your teeth!.....Put your jumper on...!'

  5. You quickly forget, once your kids have arrived in their teens, what it's like to be Mum to littlies. I miss a lot of stuff about having small kids but the lack of private time is not one of them.

    I am a shower person mainly - but of course when I do want a bath nobody clamours to join me. You will get there too. :)

  6. I can't even remember the last time I had a bath, my showers go the same as yours though, lots of screaming at the girls to stop fighting / shouting / hurry up / take the princess dress OFF and put on your uniform... Maybe when they move out I'll get a bath.

  7. This is hilarious! You made me laugh out loud and nearly wet myself (thank goodness i'm not in the bath now!) I have 2 girls who are the exact same, in fact I think you have my life! so reassuring to know i'm not alone!

  8. I can't remember the last time I had a bath...quick showers are the order of the day ...whilst both males get the opportunity for a long wallow!

    As a new reader of your blog I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger can pop over to my blog for details... but I'll not be offended if you choose to just silently know that I really enjoy reading your exploits and your inspiring skills with crochet and crafty children!
    Keep up the great work..

  9. I see you a normal mum, keep your prosa and tell it to your grandchildren in 50 years (I assume) you will have great fun with them.

  10. The last time I managed a bath was when I was sitting in a birthing pool in my living room, producing number three. That wasn't relaxing either. But I didn't wee.

  11. What a funny post! - really enjoyed reading it. Hope you got that shower in the morning! Great picture of your little one in the bath!! My little one is not so little anymore (almost 18)so those days are long gone for me. However, if our family cat knows you are in the bath, he starts scratching at the door and rucking up the carpet to get into the bathroom with you. So I always end up having to get out of the bath, let the cat in and then entertain him by blowing bath bubbles around - I think the expression "dogs have masters and cats have staff" is v.appropriate!

  12. I adore the bath...I really do, can't abide showers the evil things. Sometimes sadly needs must!

  13. Can't remember the last time I had a bath without either my child, my man or my cat trying to jump in too! M x


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