It started with possibly the best curry I have ever had
(and trust me I've had a few)
and ended with a nice cup of tea and cake after a mammoth charity shop session,
with a whole lot of Mozza inbetween.
Oh and a little Wayward behaviour thrown in for good measure.
Remember Wayward and the lovely Betty?
How could you forget?
Well they now have a WALL OF BUTTONS.
Yes kids thats right a wall of buttons.

Here for your delectation and delight are some more bits of wayward goodness.

And of course because you all loved her so much last time, I give you the Beautiful Betty.

Who knew she had a blog?
Not I , but I do now.
Then it was on to the Hop Farm Festival.
Patti Smith, Lou Reid, Iggy Pop and Morrissey.
Stunning line up.
Stunning day.
Chilling and catching up with friends with a little light reading thrown in.

An affectionate hug with two of my favourite people to whom I am not related in the world during "You're the one for me fatty" involved a whole lotta fatty ladies.
So much so we could hardly get our arms around each other.
Lets politely say its middle aged spread.
And nothing to do with cake.
Then after a day of recovering, a little bit of light beach hutting
sitting watching the shadows lengthen over the beach with a glass of pimms in hand.
Trust me there is no better end to a hectic weekend.
Except it wasn't over yet.
I had been given an extra sleepover, tacked on to the end of my child free weekend.
Much thanks to my Hippy for giving me the time out I needed
and trying to make sure the house wasn't too trashed on my return.
I awoke on Monday morning to the thought that unusually for a weekend with Ingrid
I hadn't laughed till I cried.
But we had a hot date with Bexhill on sea.

Charity shop capital of the known universe.
We did about 11 in two hours, and that just started to scratch the surface!
She bought a shopping trolly, we filled it.
I bought an old school chemistry lab style stool and had to have a sit down on it when the giggling started.

The giggling soon became hysterical laughter with tears rolling down both our faces.
Only in a place like Bexhill on Sea where the average age of the residents in 97
could not one but two people come up to us and tell us to be careful or we might have
"an accident".
There was only one thing to do.
Tea and cake.

and sitting back to admire our haul.

Oh and just in case you were wondering the basket really was stuffed full.
But I will have to save all of that for another day.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Firstly, I was not almost brought to tears upon reading your most wondrous tale of child free weekending with favourite peoples, charity hauls, Wayward walls of button bliss, music magic, and lets not forget tea and cake. No, I was not wishing so much to have been there that I felt a bit faint, never happened!

    I am however, so glad for you! What a wonderful trip, so much deserved my dear.

    Also, just heard from friends who were very recently at The Hop Farm to see Prince, I was also not in the least green with envy upon hearing how it was the best ever! Strangely though, I have noticed that I am starting to talk in a British accent, saying things like "bloody apples and pears!" as I tripped and fell down into the basement. Hmmmm....

    Can't wait to see what you've found!

  2. i too am a vivid shade of sludgy lime green! what an amazing weekend... that cake, iggy, the button wall, your friends tats and that cake, delish

  3. Sounds like you all had a sooper dooper fab time - wish I was there. Could do with it right now! M x

  4. Sounds like a fab weekend (apart from the Morrissey bit - can't stand him), am very jealous of a whole child free / best friend / charity shopping weekend, sounds heavenly.
    I'm off to read Betty's blog.

  5. What an oozing with fun post! Your weekend sounds fabulous. I am definitely going to have to have a day trip to the Bexhill sometime this summer - can't wait to see what you hauled home in that lovely trolley!

  6. Hello

    I found your blog yesterday (from Dottie Angel then to Lola and then yours - I was cruising looking for new interesting blogs and Tif has some good links) and have had a read through some of your archives.....was going to comment on the post you did on Wayward in St Leonards and then for some reason I didn't - probably went to eat supper or something...food will distract me anytime - anyway had to wave my hand here because I am gobsmacked that you managed to get a haul of decent goodies in Bexhill's charity shops.

    I live here you see (Bexhill) and do those shops 3 or 4 times a week - can do all 20 in an hour - and holy moly it's hard to come up with the goods.

    Excellent stuff - you really got that bread bin and those pictures in Bexhill? Blimey you are one lucky lady!

    I am going to have to finish my coffee, get my shoes on and run into town - too blustery to cycle today more's the pity - and see if I'm missing anything. Maybe I do them too fast! Maybe I'm too picky? Mind you yesterday I dashed into St Michael's and found some fabby old sheets. So that was alright then.

    Anyway I love your blog. And Lola's too - must say hello there and not lurk. Have followed both of you and subscribed in Google but am terrible about commenting. Obviously not today as it seems I can't shut up.

    I will be quiet now and go.

  7. Nora! Awwwww... I love your blog!! Thank you for the link you lovely lady you xx Hop Farm was amazing, Prince is a GOD! Glad you had such a lovely weekend. Lots of love and see you soon xx Betty


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