I seem to be talking a lot at the moment about the two up two down cottage with the two foot thick walls nestled in the Lancashire moors.
First it belonged to my Great Aunt and Uncle, Thora and Jimmy.
Then more recently to my Mum.
So here we all are outside the front door in 1972.
Auntie Thora is the one in the shocking yellow, the other is her elder sister
Great Auntie Winnie.

I wrote about our recent trip up there yesterday, but there was some unfinished business.
The little pink dress.
Discovered being worn by an old Dolly of mine with a droopy eye.
Ooh that's nice I thought.
It was then rediscovered a little while later in an old family photo album.

Yes folks that really is a very young Nora in the roof garden of our flat above
Liptons supermarket.
The dress was made by the fair hand of the above mentioned Great Auntie Winnie the tailor.
It is now hanging up in dining room where I can admire it hourly.
I feel as though I have been living in the past a lot recently.
But may be that is just the nature of spending time back in the bosom of your family.
So I thought I would tempt you with a glimpse of things to come.

A one word clue is all you are going to get.
Love Nora xx


  1. You know that brooch swap bizzo?

    Well, at first I was thrown because I ended up at the other Flaming Nora blog where a lot of Coronation Street business goes on. So you almost ended up with an embroidered brooch of Dennis Tanner. Disappointed? But then, then there was the Ninja Thing. I struggled with a ninja brooch. Until, last week, when I was chopping carrots or somesuch and it dawned on me precisely how I could have made a FABULOUS ninja brooch. (Sorry).

    That's one beauty of a dress.

  2. I like your time travel stories very much.

  3. I am so happy you still have that dress....makes me feel all warm inside....


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