The boys and I have just returned from a few days in the north, visiting my Ma.
My Brother the boy's Uncle Matty and their Cousins flew in from Copenhagen to join us.
And so the fun began.
The children ran wild all over the chamomile lawn, yes really a chamomile lawn

and partook of the traditional family pursuit of beating their uncle up at any given moment.

After which Uncle Matty and I sat down over a bottle or two of cold beer to some serious time travel.
The trouble is one of the many things I have inherited from my Ma is the hoarding.
Only this time she took it to another level.
She had been through the boxes in the loft and it would appear she still owns more or less
ALL of our childhood toys.
All of which she had brought up to her old stone cottage on the Lancashire moors for the grandchildren to play with.
It was like stepping in to a museum of our childhoods.

Matt's cars.

The rag dolls I made in the 1980's.

The spanish tambourine Great Auntie Winnie brought back from one of her holidays touring the religious high spots of Europe.

And best of all, minus one arm, two feet, his super mega motor bike and the red windy uppy thingie, Evel Knievel!
On the fun we had with him in the hot summers of the 1970's in the lane outside this very cottage. Winding him up, letting him go, hoping he would do a wheelie this time and please oh please make it over the row of double decker busses this time Evil!
I will be back with more tails of the north tomorrow.
Love Nora xx


  1. oh hahah! what fun! And a chamomile lawn, how decadent- I bet it smells divine, I can just see Oliver and Calypso lounging around drinking champage on it! x

  2. what a sweet yard / garden. love all the toys out to play in the sunshine! adorable!

  3. great memories...I have three brothers and they are all 'uncles who must be beaten regularly!!''


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