Last Saturday was the date of my last kids sewing class for this academic year.

Next stop Halloween where unusually for me I already know what we will be making.
But more on that much nearer the time.
We were making flags. It was great the kids all designed and decorated the flags them selves.

Due to to total organisational melt down on my part I had only one sample ready to show them before the class started. It was great. They let their imaginations run wild and all came up with such different things.

I love watching the children work and over come problems.
Some come with a VERY clear idea of what they want to do.
One girl very close to my own heart came with her design already drawn out this time.
It was ambitious, it was fiddly, it was time consuming. But she wasn't going to change anything.

It was more or less finished by the time the class finished.
She has the summer break stretching before her to finish off the fiddly bits.
The boys are my favourites. I know I shouldn't have favourites, but they just make me laugh so much. The things they make.
A killer Pokemon monster with an extra leg in this case.

Children alway surprise you. You think you know them you think you have it sussed. You make preparations made on these assumptions, then they all go and do something very different.

One young lady turned up in fury ear muffs in the middle of July and made a snow flake flag.

It looks fab, she enjoyed it, we kept quite.
And Oscar, lovely Oscar who is only 6 did all this by himself while us adults and quite a few children cooed and cuddled his baby sister.

Well done to all my lovely children,there just isn't the space to show you all here today, have fantastic summers all of you.
Lots more pictures of the day over on flickr.
Love Nora xx

P.S have you signed up for the do what you love stitched post card swap yet?
This is my third and they are always such great fun.
And be warned the Ninja's are abroad again.
I shall be telling all soon.


  1. Oooh how fab! Great kids & and what lovely ideas. I have promised to help my boys make cuddly penguins (one orange, one pink) next week - I could really do with you to come and help me out..

  2. I love all the flags, what a great class!


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