Well hello there, I seem to have been away for a very long time. 
There are many reasons why, but they are all boring so let's not dwell.
By the skin of my teeth I have managed to compleate Julys stitched journal project.

Lots of layers of fabrics in shades of blue stitched in to a wave shape. Then snip snip snip between all the lines of sewing. I then gave it a serious trip through the washing machine on a hot cycle. 
Which gave the lovely frayed and distressed finish.

I am quite pleased with how this piece turned out. But I think I needed to vary the fabrics and not just have a solid layer of each type, there were about 7 fabrics used. Possibly create the tones of the waves in each layer before stitching. Also I think I should have stitched the lines slightly further apart. It was a killer to try and cut through all those layers or often!
More experimentation is needed on this one I think.
I did also find time to play about with some layers of paper with a much simpler geometric design.

I am linking up with Lola Nova for the stitched journal project pop over and check out what she and every one else involved has been up to this month.
Love Nora xxx


  1. That is just gorgeous. Your work is not just a stitching project - it's more a work of art !

  2. I love them both but the paper version is stunning!
    Why have I never tried this technique with paper before???
    Thanks Jane !!

  3. The waves are incredible - such depth and movement, even if you want to do it again with modifications! I'd love to try this out, so very intriguing...and the paper is equally fascinating! Chrissie x

  4. I love both of these pieces! I really want to try this!

  5. Fantastic my dear! Both pieces are incredible. What a lot of work it must've been! Now I'm wanting to try it too.

  6. What a great technique! The first one reminds me so much of Hokusai's "Great Wave..."! One of my absolute favourite artworks. Love it. Xx

  7. Those waves....Truly a marvel to behold...they took my breath away when I first spied them....
    (slyly coveting it too)
    you are too talented by half young lady!
    best daisy j x

  8. Two stunning pieces. I love the wave effect and the paper piece is magnificent

  9. these are stunning, you are a clever thing!


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