This summer I am really excited to be a guest blogger over on the &Stitches blog
The very clever guys over there write about every thing embroidery, if you haven't checked out their site yet I would suggest you go and have a look.
I have written for them before, here.
This time round I am talking about one of my favourite things. 

Not only is it a wonderful, life enhancing, refreshing and comforting drink that brings friends together, builds bridges and heals a fraught mind, but it is also the best thing for instant ageing of your fabrics.
So go have a look at the tutorial and let me know what you think.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Interesting post. Must check you out on Facebook later ... when I get home!
    M x

  2. I just had a read of your tutorial. I've been thinking of doing some embroidery on neutrals rather than white but I have so much white I just can't justify any more purchases. Now I don't need to
    , thanks! And I will try to remember to credit you when I get around to giving it a go :)

  3. You are too cool for skool, and sooooooo clever!
    daisy x

  4. I am so glad to have clicked over here from LolaNova's place. Isn't tea-dying fun? I learned to do it long, long ago from my grandmother and love the subtle colors that you can create by various dips and soaks.

    Bravo to you on that fabulous costume, too. Wow!

    Best wishes.


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