Hello have you missed me? 
Do I need a note from my Mum?
I have got a good excuse, honest.

I have been chained to the workroom for weeks now. 

Little old me and not one but two glamourous assistants.
One frock, 3 people, two weeks on the braid and trim alone.

In between times we managed to squeeze in a little extra Victorian bodice too.

All for this show in London's wonderful West End.
We are all now officially done in.
One glamourous assistant has fled the country and the other is running away to Cardiff.
And me?
Well, tonight I am drinking some beer and then going to bed.
Then in the morning I am going to pay some attention to my sadly neglected urchins and my poor beleaguered Mother and her partner who have been holding the fort for the last week.
Well after I have had a cup of tea that is...
Have a wonderful weekend kids.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Oh wow... Incredibly stunning. I'm flabbergasted. And even that is understated...

  2. wow that is truly wonderful, such a work of art. Have a well deserved rest.

  3. Wowsers that's amazing! You are so talented !!

  4. Now that's what I call a fab frilly frock...tutorial? xx

  5. Totally fabulous frock. Must weigh a ton on. How did people wear these things, especially in summertime? You make beautiful things. Hope you enjoyed your beer. Xx

  6. Fleetingly returning to see what you've been up to in my absence ... and what a delight is this AMAZING dress ... and those hydrangeas are rather wonderful too!

  7. Totally amazing, so wonderful to get a really close look.
    You deserve a rest! X

  8. Amazing! Enjoy your rest, you earned it!


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