It would appear that summer in Brittany is Hydrangea land.
We usually go there at Easter so have never seen this sight before.
They were every where, in every garden, on every street corner.

In the most amazing faded colours.

According to my Dad's wife, who has planted quite a few of them since they moved there 8 yrs ago the soil is perfect in Finisterre.

There were even Hydrangea hedges.

This was the best we found just outside Commana, it was enormous. About 200 ft long by about 10 ft tall.
The most amazing sight.

I am now even more obsessed with Hydrangeas than I used to be ( the main reason for buying our old house in London was that it had to huge Hydrangea bushes either side of the front door)
I'm not sure I can live without a hedge of them.
Research needs to be done on this subject.
Love Nora xxx


  1. Found your blog whilst blog hopping from http://lazydaisyjones.blogspot.co.uk/ an I'm glad I did :) Love your posts, especially like the lego Captain, fantastic :)
    Anyway, hydrangeas are fab, We have one in the garden but it never flowers. Apparently I'm meant to put ericaceous compost round them but I am rubbish at gardening!

  2. Hydrangeas are beautiful - the big advantage is, that they have flowers almost all summer. Here in Belgium, it's also a very popular plant, you can see them everywhere...
    Just be careful not to plant them in a spot where they have too much sunshine (they'll "burn" on hot summer days...)

  3. I love hydrangeas too. I had a friend who made beautiful dried flower wreaths from the faded lilacy-purple ones. The colours were so beautiful. I love the snowball and paniculata kinds as well. They did go out of fashion for a bit but I think that they re having a well deserved renaissance. xx

  4. That's amazing. We don't have a hydrangea in our garden but I would really like one now. Is it acid soil for blue and alkaline for pink? Hope you're enjoying the holiday. x

  5. buy one, buy two...they're stunning. (love your panel idea.....thanks :))

  6. They grow well here in SW France too. But in England I had a beautiful bush and dried the flowers, snipped them all off the heads and scattered them on the table at my daughter's wedding...


  7. Beautiful, the shades are incredible, we have two outside the house but they are pink! not a fave colour of mine but they are pretty!
    bestest d x

  8. They are just like this in North Wales too! We saw last week, all the colours & in huge bushes. Le sigh.


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